Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chaos Guard - Bullish about the Grim Future Redux

 I wasn't entirely happy with the axe the minotaur (which will be the squad leader for my Chaos Ogyrn) had, so I did some chopping and fiddling.

Here's what he had originally:

And here he is now:

Bottom taken from an Ork Nob, top from a Killa Kan.  Maybe directly, this guy looks like he might be tough enough to do it!

Another view:

You'll see more examples in future posts (and indeed have already seen many examples in this army) but this demonstrates one of the advantages of building multiple armies - extensive bits and bobs left over.  While a number of the things I bought directly for this army (like the Mino and the Ogres themselves), a lot of the extra parts come from stuff I already had.  I know not everyone has the capacity to do it directly, but see what you can do when you combine with other local gamers - trade that Ork player those extra bolters and jump packs for him to make some fancy shootas and storm boyz, and get his extra choppas and leftover dread parts for those Chaos marines you've been planning. 


  1. To bad bits from Ghaz are so expensive, his weapon would look great on one of these bad boys!

  2. Yeah, a mino with power klaws would be one heck of a chrono-gladiator!

    I do wish that the Ogryn had the option for an eviscerator. Oh well, it'll just be a scary looking CCW.

  3. Looks great.

    That's one wicked knife!

  4. I liked the old axe, but the new weapon is even better! Nice bit-swap ;D


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