Friday, September 17, 2010

Sons of Taurus' A-Z Guide to the Blogosphere

A is for A Gentleman's Ones, where bsmoove paints factions with complicated nomenclature.

B is for Bell of Lost Souls, the juggernaut of 40K blogging...though they cover other things, so they're not 40K pure.

C is for Corbiana Prime, home of the Parade Ground.  Look there to see what other guard blogs can be found.

D is for diceRolla, Papa JJ's domain.  He's generous, likes the Simpsons and building terrain.

E is for Excommunicate Traitoris, with lots of different stuff.  He also helps keep Killzone from looking quite so rough.

F is for Faeit 212  where Natfka holds court.

G for Galaxy in Flames - give Killzone some support!

H for Hungry Ghosts, an internet Squatter.

I is for Irae Scorpio who paints some nice Marines far over the water.

J is for John at John's Toy Soldiers, who churns out lots of minis and gives every comment a response.

K for Killshot Productions with no actual 40K, but his painting's much too nice to call him a ponce.

L is for Land O Misfit Toys home of some great armies Down Under.

M for My Little World of Dementia - with all that Pulp stuff and Nurgle, that I follow him is no wonder.

N for Nesbet Miniatures who knocks out Fantasy in Santiago down south in Chile.

O for On the Painting Table where my unfinished stuff should all be.

P is for PsychosisPC who paints like a champ.

Q ... maybe From the Warp can find some Q blogs to join the FTW camp.

R is for the Rules Manufactorum, for when the standard ones feel stale.

S is for Santa Cruz Warhammer, the Barter Bucketeers where things are for trading, not sale.

T has so many with "the" at the fore, but right now I'll go with the good guys from Table Top War.

U is for Ulthwe on the Table, and V for the Valhallans at Victory through Attrition. They both should post more; I hope they accept that mission.

W is double, so it's for both The Warpstone Pile and WeeMen, two blogs that seem to have what it takes.

X for the top X at House of Paincakes!

Y?  Because I love you!  There's only so many letters that I can recall, but check Blogs that I Follow if you want to see them all.

And lastly Z is for Zombieburger whose painting's a treat...despite the thought of the implied undead meat.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you like what you see, and be sure to check out all those blogs A to Z!


  1. Cheers for the nod. Quite a few links on here that I didn't recognize immediately. Great recommendations. Cheers again.

    p.s. the complicated nomenclature is really just Italian -my other language.

  2. Molto bene!

    Besides, it was fun to rhyme "nomenclature".

  3. What a clever post! Thanks for the shout out.


  4. I agree with Jim, this is a very clever idea and an excellent post. Thanks for the shout out!

  5. Q is for "Quiet Limit of the World", a blog which you reply on from time to time. Sheez!


  6. @Big Jim, Mags - Thanks to you!

    @Ben -Ah, but in my listings it comes under "The", so didn't qualify. Yours wasn't the only fine blog that wasn't specifically called out, which is why I encourage folks to check out all the ones I follow!

  7. Thanks for including me man! Apreciate the gesture ;D

    Just to correct something... I live far more south than Santiago, almost with the pinguins (just kiddin!) in Valdivia, 800 south from the capital! =P

    Thanks again, and for the links! A lot of nice blogs I didn't knew!

  8. Heh, thanks, and I was kinda surprised to get a shout out that didnt involve the Top Ten or TRotS. :)

  9. Great idea. I definitely need to check some of these out.

  10. "M" is for Mik's Minis, which "M"ysteriously is "M"issing! Come on, even my blog title has alliteration in it!


    Seriously though, nice list.

  11. what a honour!
    Thanks sons!!! ;-)

  12. My Little World thanks you for the Shout out.

  13. Funny! Not at all what I was expecting to see... very well done! Thank you for all the great links and also for including diceRolla on the list. : ) It's an honor to represent such a distinguished letter. Really enjoyed this, thanks.

  14. @Nesbet - Oops! Well, you're closer to Santiago than I am at least! I saw your post about the dental convention you attended and jumped to conclusions.

    @Ryan - Sure...the lists are certainly great too! Saves a lot of folks a lot of browsing time I'm sure.

    @Thor - great! That's the point!

    @Gyro - yeah, yeah. But I had to pare it down a bit or it would just be a copy of what I follow, which you could get elsewhere. And I wasn't sure if it was pronounced "mick" or "mike" in case I needed to rhyme it. ;-)

    @t800a, ColKillgore, Papa JJ - sure thing. May you and all those I follow get some more eyes on your work.

    @Loquacious - glad you liked it! I've done several "hey check these out" posts before, but as I was scrolling through my followed blogs the idea struck me, and reading a lot of children's books the rhyming was natural.

  15. Thanks for the shout out, great post - i hadn't checked out some of these great blogs.

  16. Thanks for the shout-out and blog suggestions - time to get browsing!!!

  17. Great list of blogs, and a good creative way to list them. A good way to spend some time browsing blogs I havent been to yet.


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