Friday, July 9, 2010

Spawn Riders - Coming to an Imperial city near you!

These guys came together pretty quickly, and for the most part I'm happy with them.  That'll do Pig.

The plan is to use them as Sentinels (obviously, the open-topped variety!), though I guess that they could be used as heavy weapons teams instead.  I've liked the idea for these guys for some time, they just scream the craziness that is "Lost and the Damned" to me.  I originally had thought about sticking some kind of mount on the back and using something like an autocannon, but later settled on a carried missile launcher - easier for the rider to dismount and still fire if needed, like if needs a better position or if the spawn bites it...or tries to bite him!

Front shot of the first one, has kind of a Pan's Labyrinth vibe going with the eyes in the palms, plus more eyes elsewhere.

Side view, can see more of the missile launcher, and old Chaos piece that came on a sprue along with an autocannon/heavy stubber looking gun and a conversion beamer.  The spawn is also being helpful with a spare tentacle to help the rider hang on.

Second guy, on the bug-spawn.

Side view and helpful talon.

Spawn three, mass of tentacles and heads.  Head on the rider is from the (newer) Space Wolf sprue.

Side view of number three, again the helpful tentacle can be seen.  Maybe they have some way to encourage the growth?  Or just hack one off somewhere and reattach it where they want it?

At present the riders are not glued on, and I plan to prime and paint them separately from the spawn, then attach them later.

Hope you like them!  The Ogryn should be the next to face the knife and glue, we'll see what I manage to come up with for ripper guns between some old grenade launchers and some Ork weaponry...


  1. Those look great. It is always fun to go crazy, and the spawn kit gives you a lot of possibilities. Now get them painted up :)

  2. Me want's paint to ... they look damn cool!
    And more eyes ... :D

  3. Beautiful. That old missile launcher is tremendous.

  4. Heh, these are probably the best "sentinels" I've ever seen. I'm going to have file them away in the "borrow-for-later" department.

  5. Thanks for the praise everyone. They shall indeed see paint, but I've got some more assembly to do first!

  6. Very Chaotic looking. I really like the way these guys turned out. They really blend in with the theme you are going for with this army.

  7. Great idea and execellent execution.

  8. Fantastic work! These guys look great and it's a brilliant idea to use them as Sentinels. It's also just really nice to see those old chaos missile launchers.


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