Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lost and the Damned Blogroll

As you may notice from the side, I've reorganized my blogrolls a bit, adding a "Lost and the Damned" blogroll.

A casual search didn't find one devoted to this type of thing, so I decided to start one of my own.  While I doubt it will grow to anything like FTW (for one thing, I won't have time!), hopefully it can be a good resource for inspiration.

I've started the roll with a selection of blogs I already follow.  I'm certainly up for more, so if you know of some good ones pass them my way!

As the name implies I'm looking for blogs with content related to "Lost and the Damned" types of armies, as well as other Chaos renegade armies.  Traitor Guard, Blood Pact, Sons of Sek, Vraks Renegades, mutant hordes, cultists, Dark Mechanicus, renegade space marines, breakaway legion factions, radical inquisitors that went too far, etc.  Pretty much everything Chaos in 40K that isn't covered by the regular CSM legions or Daemons.  Straight up World Eaters?  I think people can find that sort of thing easily enough.  Soul Reapers?  Send 'em on over.

The blog doesn't have to be exclusively focused on such things, just some measure of relevant content. 


  1. "some measure of relevant content"

    Well, my blog is exactly 1.2% Traitor Guard, is that enough to qualify?

  2. I'm doing up a Servants of Decay Imperial Armour 7 army. I don't have a lot to show for it, but I'm working on test models to fine tune my scheme and I keep tweaking the army list.

  3. I've recently started a rogue Space marine army. As they have fresh technology I see it as the Dark Mechanicus is trying to get in contact with them. When I want to go mech I'm using the BA codex, it looks nice and imperial until chaos marines jump out of the tanks. For death company I'm using converted possessed marines.
    I have been using the CSM codex for lower point levels, but doing it in a non deamonic way. It makes things somewhat hard, so I'm working on ways around it. For CSM I use my Death company as summoned deamons. They are my vanguard squad that take the risk of teleporting in, and it has slowly changed them. I'm thinking of using the BA dreadnaughts as Deamon princes and Greater deamons. When the GD comes in, the champion doesn't die, he jumps in and pilots it.

    This is their original fluff story, might have changed since then, I haven't decided.

  4. This is a good idea and definitely a way of personalizing your blogroll.
    I am personally interested in seeing how many "Chaos" Guard armies you find.

  5. Added. My initial skim must have missed those!

  6. I am going to be starting a Dark Admech/Legio Cybernetica, I'll let you know when that takes off.


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