Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fantasy Chaos coming down the road...


 Wow.  Papa JJ over at diceRolla recently held a contest to clear out his increasingly limited closet space.  As part of it, he gave away the mass pictured above, a huge fantasy Chaos lot.  The Dark Gods obviously have plans for me, and I was fortunate enough to win!  But his generosity didn't end there - he also gave away stuff to everyone else who entered!  Stop on by and check his corner of the tubes out, and encourage him to work on whatever figures he has left.

I had been debating getting back into Warhammer Fantasy.  I used to have a Chaos army, but it was heavily mixed mortals/daemons/beasts, and didn't really work anymore after the split a few years back.  I also sold off most of my Gobbo army and basically dropped out of WHFB.  Now the sting of the Chaos split has (mostly...sniff) worn off, there's a new edition out, and a huge influx of models headed my way.  Tzeentch has spoken with the confluence of circumstances, so expect to see a fantasy Chaos barbarian horde here down the road, once I get the 40K Chaos barbarian horde finished!


  1. I guess the debate is now over! Not only do you have a solid fantasy army on your hands, but looking at the models here, you've got an army that's got good punch and plenty of character. I'm also thinking it's complete enough where you won't need to buy anything for quite a while to boot.

    I gotta say, I am so jealous, congratulations, that is one nice haul you got! Padre JJ's generosity has absolutely floored me however, those "consolation" prizes he gave out outshine many grand prizes I've seen on other sites!

  2. I'm so happy to see that you're excited about winning the Chaos army, thanks again for participating and helping me find them a great home. Truly it must be the will of the dark gods that you lead their chosen forces, both in 40k and now once again in Fantasy. I also appreciate very much the kind words spoken on my behalf and that of my blog. Thanks!!

  3. If you have any spare bare Marauder Horsemen heads when you're done they'd make a good contest give away.

    /shameless beggary for horsemen heads for his SW scouts.

  4. NP Sean, I should have a good many left over as-is. You can get to my email through the profile.

    The condition is that you have to set up a blog of your own/provide the address so that we can see your work. :-)

  5. Wow, you're now one of my followers, is an honour.
    I'm ansiouxly to see your WHF chaos army, you has been doing a great work converting rough riders from horsemen marauders.

  6. Congrats on the win!
    I have often contemplated getting into Fantasy. However, with the dirty looks the wife throws my way when I mention it, I think it is safer to follow your army progress from afar!

  7. SoT: You're a lucky dude, dude! I'm astonished at Papa's generosity; it's one thing to host a giveaway - even one as huge as it was - but quite another to gift everyone something.

    If I might say so, I hope this encourages you to get back in the swing of blogging more. I was worried you would drop off the map when you slowed down so much last month.


  8. Oh, I'm not going anywhere.

    Last month was busy with school and real life, trips and what not. There will be times like that, with papers and whatnot sucking up time, weeklong trips and things like that. I may try to start pre-loading some posts for those times when I can.

  9. I wish to thank you again Jim, for sharing your prize.

    I'll be painting them for sure, to upload some pics in my blog. I'll let you know!!

    Thanks mate ;D


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