Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chaos Guard - First 3 Ogryn

Here are the first three Ogryn, with weapons and some stuff added.  This guy has one of those Ogre cesti and a Chaos heavy bolter as ripper gun. 

View from other side, with marauder shield on the back.

Next up is one of the guys with a defiler mask and blob head.  Ripper gun is an Ork shoota.  I originally was going to use guns more like big shootas or heavy stubbers, but they ended up looking too long.  A regular shoota looked too small, so I added the gargoyle head on the end and a little extra "stock" on the back to make it a little bigger.

Other view, with backup weapon/scalping knife on the back from the berzerker sprues and a maruader horsemen shield.

Drum-fed shoota, and big choppa.  Again, shoota has had some extra treatment to make it a little bigger.

Other views, showing side view of sawaxe and grenades on the back.  Hands are from the nobz too.
I have a feeling that these guys are going to draw a lot of fire.



  1. This entire project is, quite simply, made of win.

  2. Looking great! I think the second one is my favorite of the set.

  3. Those guns look absolutely brutal... very cool!

  4. Totally sick and chocked full of awesome sauce!

  5. The last is my favourite! The pose of the weapons its cool! Its like... "If I can't shoot you, I'll crush you!"
    And the grenades are a nice touch ;D

  6. Thanks folks! The rest will be up tomorrow.

  7. These guys will definitely be drawing some serious firepower.
    I love the close combat weapon on the last guy, absolutely brutal looking!

  8. I would hate to meet one of them in a dark ally.


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