Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Scythiak Usurpation - second wave of recruits WIP

We've had a few more roll in.

On the left is Notbrent, courtesy of Brent .  He seemed to arise out of certain people picking on each other, so I thought that the guy armed with a pick would be appropriate.  Maybe he can spend his energies on the servants of the Emperor and leave Brent alone.  He's an avid plunderer who enjoys long walks in burning cities.

In the middle we have Kantor Fett, who suffered serious burns and the loss of one hand from an Imperial Commissar's plasma pistol.  He strangled the Commissar with his other hand, and has since had the destroyed one replaced.  It's good for combat as well as for divvying up pizza. He's named for that malign Mandalorian, CounterFett.

On the right is Von Drakin, nobleman turned cult leader.  With time the Von Drakin family may have produced a planetary governor, but he has decided to take a quicker route to power by serving other masters.  One such master can be found at the Astral Wolves.

Not pictured is Franz Scorpus...because he's right behind you!  No, he's really not pictured because he hasn't been made yet, but when he is this brutal, bloody beastman will have been brought to you via t800a.

If you haven't selected your alter-ego in the Usurpation yet, check out the collected pics to help you choose.  And if you have a renegade or traitorous army of your own, let me know so I can a) enjoy it and b) add it to the Lost and the Damned Blogroll!


  1. ROFL great work with the fluff matey! loving it :P

  2. it's wonderful, like the rest, but when you think show us painted minis? :D


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