Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chaos Guard - Reinforcements

These are some of the "also-ran" units for the army, units I had the figures for but didn't make it into the initial list setup.

First up is a squad of Forgeworld Vraks traitors that I got off of ebay.  They came pre-assembled, but I made a couple of tweaks, adjusting the powerfist, adding the pokey left arm for the sgt and fixing the "melta launcher" barrels which were kind of droopy.  Maybe they're a variant pattern that requires a large "melt coil", maybe they're really still grenade launchers that fire a heavy cannister of powerful acid, who knows with these crazy traitors and their wacky ideas about weaponry.  When I do shoehorn them into a list, they'll be a vet squad, grenadiers, three meltas, powerfist.  Sort of a third group, aside from the off-world techno-barbarians and the local cultist insurgents, I picture them as traitors from another recently "liberated" world that have tagged along with Astrakenor to help with the missionary work.  Here's a bigger pic:

Next up, nothing fancy, just some local insurgents with missile launchers.  Unlike the lascannons, which with the powerpacks made the bases pretty tight, there'll probably be plenty of room on the 60mm bases, so I will probably keep these guys individually based on top of the larger HW team base like I did for my Merkan missile launchers. 

Sometimes when I'm looking to shave some points, they might swap in for the lascannons/mortars.

Last but not least, another in the ongoing "make it chaos by adding a helmet" series.  Techno-barbarian heavy bolter support squad, based on the Ox figure from the Last Chancers set. 

Right now they're on the 25mm base the figures came on, but they'll move to 60mm at the end.  I'm debating whether to add a spotter/loader to the base too, or just have them as 2W 2A bad*** Rambo MFers alone on the base.  I'm currently leaning towards the latter approach.  Opinions?

"Say hello to our little friends."

I'm also debating leaving the HB barrels as is, or whether to chop through more metal and add gargoyle mouths to the end for a little extra chaos flair.  Thoughts?

I may keep one (probably the guy on the left) as a "base on a base" guy so I can later make him count as Harker for a vet squad down the road. 

I've also gotten the Ogryn bodies built and attached to bases, will be working on heads/arms/weapons/accessories later, will hopefully have some WIP pics of them up in the next few days, stay tuned!


  1. I have said it before and I will say it again. This army will look fantastic once it is completed. Due to the unique nature of the models you have created, you will most definitely be picking up a few player's choice awards when this is finished.

  2. I like the idea of a one man army on a 60mm base but there are others who will not see it as style and think you are trying to gain an advantage. If you don't plan on playing the pedantic players I don't see a problem with it.

  3. Mags - Thanks. I dunno about player's choice, but that'd be cool. I hope that people do enjoy seeing it and playing against it, especially Imperials who rarely get a chance to really tear up some heretics that aren't all in power armor.

    Col - Whether or not they like it could be a good guide to tell me if I'm going to want to play them or not. ;-)

    I figure that many HW teams have two guys crouching or even lower (see Steel Legion or Vostryoyan heavy bolters), so one big guy standing up is about the same. ;-) I may pack up some extra crounching bodies to throw on the base, or even an Imperial victim that can count for LOS if necessary.

  4. These are great!!! (I'm only 5 years behind in saying so...)


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