Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chaos Guard - Bullish about the Grim Future

Here's the squad leader for the Chaos Ogryn squad, a fantasy minotaur with a gun and a few extra bits added on.  This is the first mino I've built with the new kit, and it took a while to find arms in decent poses; most are either down low and crossing the body for the great weapons or are up high, interfering with the horns.  I probably should have started over with a different body/head, but didn't think of it until now!  Oh well.  Caught up in the moment.  Had to trim off a dangly skull from the left horn to keep it from interfering with the "ripper gun".

The gun is a land speeder assault cannon from the Ravenwing sprue.  A couple of shields from the marauders/marauder horsemen and a marauder cloak finish him out.

Top down view, for the shoulderpads.  The chaos star proclaims his allegiance, in case him being a monstrous, likely blood-soaked abhuman mutant freak wasn't a big enough clue.

Front view. 

Rear view.  Cloak added to obscure the back door.  We may be ravening, murderous worshipers of the Dark Gods, but we're not savages.

He feels a little barren to me; I'd like to add some more stuff to him but I'm not sure what.  Maybe it will come to me as I assemble the regular Ogres, or maybe some extra sigils and such on his skin when he's painted will do the job. 


  1. This army is looking so cool, it's been great seeing them come together!

  2. Damn! the cloak in the ass looks SO COOL! I haven't thought that before. I'll repeat that when I have a box of minos to covnert in chaos ogres =P Pretty nice idea man!!

    Your ogryn will look nice that way. Keep up the nice job!

  3. Brutally Kool, with a side of awesome sauce!

  4. Mr Awwwwesme strikes again ...

    How much more of that cool stuff are you going to built until We can See some paint on them?

  5. I love the cloak on the backside. Hilarious!

  6. You know what I love? That this is a minotaur with a friggin assault cannon, but the accessory that gets the most attention is the mud flap. lol

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @Nesbet - only the champion is going to be a minotaur for these guys; the rest are going to be made from Ogres.

    @t800a - It's all going to get built before any sees paint. That's how I roll: I may try to shake things up a little with these guys and go more unit by unit, but habits are hard to break!

  7. Really nice job! I don't think he is missing a thing!

  8. Just had to add my appreciation for all the cool Traitor Guard, here. I have a few Vraks models, but have yet to do anything with them, and certainly nothing as cool as a minotaur with an assault cannon :)

  9. Fantastic Idea!
    I really can not wait to see this army completed and on the field of battle!
    I can not wait to see what you come up with for psyker battle squads and Storm troopers

  10. @WFP - thanks! Maybe I'll agree once the painting starts.

    @Sholto - thanks! If nothing else, use them as the core of a Kill Team force. They really are lovely (in a horrible, icky kind of way) figs; it'd be a shame not to use them for something, even if it's just being used as an addition to a scenic base for a dread to stomp on or something. And aha, someone noticed it! ;-)

    @Mags - thanks! The PBS is going to be made from old chaos sorcerer figs and can be seen on one of the first posts:

    I do plan on STs sometime down the road, the initial idea is to use Chaos Warrior bodies as the base (hey, I've taken their heads for other uses!) for the 4+ save to represent aspirants to the ranks of the CSM, hunting for loyalist Astartes to kill for their armor and geneseed. In a future post I have planned I'll talk more about some of the other future additions...I have the feeling this will be one of the "never truly completed" armies.


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