Friday, July 23, 2010

The Scythiak Usurpation arrives! Collected army pics and cultist recruitment drive!

Here's the army so far all in one post.  If you've been following this from the beginning you'll have seen most of this already, but there will be a few new things.  For many of these, check out earlier posts for more pics.
Why am I putting all these up in one place?  One, I think it's nice to see everything at once.  Two, I need your help, and seeing them all will make it easier for you to do so.  Please see the end for how you can help...

Astrakenor and his retinue, company command squad with Straken upgrade, two flamers.  The acolyte with the speaker counts as a standard, amplifying and rebroadcasting Astrakenor's exhortations.  The priest with the chainsword had an =I= icon in his right hand which had to go.  Rather than just replacing it with a laspistol, I decided to turn the hand itself into a weapon.  Various =I= symbols on the henchmen filed off.

Psyker battle squad, bunch of Chaos sorcerers.  First five. 


Second five.  The one with the torch and book will be the Overseer.

For times when I want to run a Primaris Psyker, if I'm not running a PBS or just a smaller PBS, I may just use one of them as a Primaris.  Otherwise I'll break this guy out, a Heartbreaker Miniatures wizard.

He's not necessarily the most impressive guy, but I like him.  I saw this fig like a decade ago and always wanted one, but didn't know who made it or what it was called.  Over time I figured out that he was probably a Heartbreaker fig but couldn't find a pic anywhere, but recently found him on ebay.  Woot!  The long search has given him extra sentimental value to me.

Cultist platoon command squad.  Officer is a Dark Age Nathaniel fig.  I was originally going to use a PF, but decided to leave the sword, especially as it comes in a nice swinging pose.  Two flamers and two CCW cultists back him up.

 Cultist platoon infantry squads.  Meltagun, sgt with PW.

Oops, now I remember I still need to add a lasgun to one of those Eschers. Easy fix.

Cultist missile launcher teams.

Techno-barbarian heavy-bolter tough guys

Vets, 3 meltas and powerfist.



Spawn Riders (Sentinels).

Rough Riders.  See prior posts for more detailed pics.

Group A

Group B (incl a sgt w/double-bladed axe)

Group C (incl a sgt on left with pistol/chainsword)

Group D

Techno-barbarian platoon CO.  Powerfist, two flamers, two CCW.

Techno-barbarian platoon infantry squads.  Grenade launcher, power weapon sgt.

Squad 1, first half.  Sgt is guy with spiky mace.

Second half.

Squad 2, first half.  Sgt is guy with skull helmet.

Second half. 

The Man with the Plan; Khonan.  Counts-as Marbo.

And last but not least, the Ogryn squad.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

And the squad leader.

Now, the building phase isn't quite complete yet, but all the infantry and such are done for what I planned on for the initial lists, unless I've forgotten something!  I still have to do the vehicles - a Hydra-equivalent, five Chimera equivalents, and a Russ-equivalent.  Then stuff will start getting painted!

I have plans for further expansions down the road, but will get this massive first batch painted first.  Some stormtroopers, more tanks and artillery pieces, maybe a valkyrie, corrupted PDF platoon, commissars, some Repentia as priests, maybe some other things as I think of them.

But now as I finish the building stage and gear up for painting, we come to the second part of this monster post, and part of the reason I went ahead and included so many pics above.  In short...

I want to give these guys names, and would like to incorporate you guys who've followed their progress and kept me motivated as an "audience".  So join up!  Join the Scythiak Usurpation!

What's involved?

As a follower of the blog, put a comment in this post or email me through my Profile here, and let me know who you want named after you, and what you want them named.  Could be your real name, your online handle, your favorite D&D character, whatever resonates with you.  

I do reserve the right to refuse particular names - I don't want to paint "Buttmunch" or something on my bases.  I don't think this will be an issue, but want to set some basic boundaries just in case.  If you get your pick in before I get the fig painted, I'll also try to accommodate things like skin tone and hair color if you specify and want them to look more like you.

I've already named Astrakenor and Khonan, and plan to name the backup Primaris guy because he's sentimental for me.  I'm reserving the minotaur for Col. Killgore, mainly because "Killgore" is just a perfect name for a minotaur.  But everyone else should be up for grabs. Get a piece of the army for yourself, and follow your exploits in my future battle reports, for good or ill!

So what'll it be?  A cultist?  A techno-barbarian?  Rough-rider or Ogryn?  A sorcerer?  Or do you want something related to one of the tanks, or reserve a commissar-equivalent?  The choice is (mostly) yours!

"Damnation's just another word for nothing left to lose."


  1. Well my Favorite names for chaos characters (taken from my own inventory) is the Khorne Dog & George Lupus. Not sure which of your guys would fit well with either of those (didn't see any canine-like features), though I do rather like the 2 squad Sergeants in the Techno barbarian platoon. The two outside Ogyrn in group 3 seem to scream SKELETOR! from the old He-man cartoon.

    I like your Spawn-tinels too!

  2. I could see that first sgt with the spiked club as a "Khorne Dog". You wouldn't rather have someone as "Masta Cheef"?

  3. I really love the look of this army, you've gone way above and beyond to create a very unique collection of all sorts of troopers.

    If the leader of Rough Rider A squad hasn't been taken, I'd like to claim him. 'Gyro, Prince of the Steppes' or something to that nature would be cool.

    I'd like to sign up for the Scythiak Usurpation even further and name my own (slow-going) traitor guard project as an offshoot warband or something? Let me know if that's all right...

  4. I should have pointed the RR sgts out more; sorry. They should be the second from the left in the "Group B" picture, with the double-bladed axe and laspistol, and the first on the left in "Group C", with the laspistol and chainsword. Take your pick to annoint as "Gyro".

    I'd be tickled pink for you to consider this worthy enough to imitate. Lord knows though I'm hardly the first to mix parts together for traitor guard! Feel free to take the Scythiak and overrun your local sectors. I consider the actual "Scythiak" to be the techno-barbarian contingent, with the cultists and others coming from other planets/groups. The Scythiak are the core of what the Imperials would call the Black Crusade, but they pick up all sorts of allies and converts along the way.

  5. Eh, Da Masta Cheef is my Ork Warboss who smashes all pretendas! (but feel free to use the name if you so like)

  6. Right on! I'd be very happy to see a "Papa JJ" counted amongst The Scythiak Usurpation, but there are so many cool models that it's tough to choose. Though the Spawn Riders and Ogryn are very tempting, if you think either of the powerfist guys would be an appropriate Papa JJ, I'd be honored.

  7. Sure thing. Let me know if you'd prefer the techno-barbarian platoon CO or the vet squad sgt.

  8. It'll be good to see some paint. Some of your conversions are good, others less so. I think before you paint you should go everything with a fresh eye, a file, and an exacto knife and get any stray flask off.

    As for a name, might I suggest "Bob" perhaps for one of the female models BlackAdder Goes Fourth style.

  9. I'd suggest naming the Primaris Psyker or the Overseer of the PBS, Mors Vaul.

    Mors is Death in Latin.


  10. Then let's go with the platoon CO, though I think either would be great if you'd rather I choose the vet sergeant. This is a really cool idea for personalizing your army, well done.

  11. @Muskie - oh yeah, there's definitely some cleanup work to be done, and some guys that aren't the greatest, especially some of the one-handed lasgun guys.

    @An Enemy - "Mors Vaul" for the Overseer it is.

    @Papa JJ - War Chief "Papa" JJ will be busting heads soon.

  12. Remember that when the minotuar says his name it is "KILLGORE!" that is if he is still capable of forming words.
    Another name to use would be Subotai, Archer and Thief.

  13. Let's go with unit C's RR Sgt. then!

    I'll start dusting off my techno-barbarians pretty soon!

  14. I'd like to see a Franz Scorpus ... maybe some Srt. or Commisarry :D (but he needs more blood on his hands then my marines!)

  15. @t800a - Hmmm...maybe one of the Ogryn with the ironfists? Those could be made pretty bloody. Or we could reserve a "penal legionnaire" equivalent (perhaps a beastman squad) or a commissar equivalent.

  16. LOL naming your mans after blog posters is an awesome idea! Im more than happy for you to use my handle on whatever model you deem appropriate! Maybe that wonderful heartbreaker psyker... which is breaking mine cause I want one now too :P

    btw your army is really taking a nice shape, cant wait to see it painted!

  17. @ Muskie. Bob was Blackadders manservent in series 2 episode 1 entitled "Bells" featuring Captain Flash Heart... oops im showing my age again :P

  18. @Sons: Yeah, a penal legionaire squad leader would be great, I think.

  19. @Von Drakin - I'll see who looks like a "Von".

    @t800a - Sounds good, I'll make a note and try to make someone appropriately bloody.

  20. Von Drakin added as cultist platoon leader.

  21. UPDATE: Not long after joining, Gyro found a job and had other good news as well. While I can't guarantee the same results for everyone who joins, I certainly can't guarantee them if you don't!


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