Saturday, July 17, 2010

For Your Consideration - Check these blogs out!

You can see them in my blogroll, but wanted to point out a few places that have caught my eye fairly recently that in case you've missed could stand another look:

Musings of a Smurf - check out the Bad Moon battlewagon he's just finished up! Hopefully this project will be the start of more regular updates.

Ulthwe on the Table - project log about, well, getting an Ulthwe army on the table. Nicely done jetseer council; see this army develop from the ground up!

Psychosis PC's The Madhouse Workshop
- Probably no stranger to those who've prowled the Painting and Modeling sections of various fora over the years, but a surprisingly low number of followers given his talent.

Chris' Miniatuares Woes - zombie and post-apocalyptic enthusiast with a dark, subdued painting style well suited to the subjects!

Faeit 212 - our "competitive gamer" entry for the day, with lots of articles on topics similar to things you'll find on those more famous sites, but with the amazing capacity to include editing, a point, and the ability to discuss a miniatures wargame without excessive drama or profanity.

Las Tierras del Norte - Spanish painter currently working on some cool "exploradores lobo" - aka Space Wolf Scouts.

The Astral Wolves - Get in on the ground floor here folks! If the Blood Angels he's starting are half as cool as the Chaos guys he's already put up, it'll be a great army to see take shape.


  1. Cool... I was just cruising around looking for more blogs to read. Thanks for pointing these out!

  2. Thanks for your opinion (I'm from Las Tierras del Norte) but, in myself opinion, my paint level is so low to stay with the others blogs. You please me includin in these list.

  3. @Papa - good timing, glad to help!

    @David - it's not just the painting - those guys have a very barbaric look, and given my current project they appealed to me. I figured that if others liked my barbarians, they'd probably like yours too!

  4. Even more good timing... just this morning I read your critique of obliterators and how they really don't fit that well into the background fluff for Chaos. (Good stuff, by the way. The half-hearted explanations never made a lot of sense to me, either.) It was then only a short while later that I saw Von Drakin's obliterators for his Astral Wolves. It seemed to me quite appropriate to see those today, having your thoughts on the matter fresh in my mind. Funny how things work out. Thanks again!

  5. Good idea SoT. I think sometimes we bloggers move in circles among the blogs we know, so it can be difficult to find others out there.

    I'll be checking these out.


  6. Im just about speechless! Here I was random trawling blogs for inspiration (would love to see how that campaign works out for you btw) to find such glowing reviews of my work! I'll be putting up a Shot of the two tester models for my BA scheme up soon!

    Im definitly going to have check these links out too, Its amazing the breadth of ideas on conversions, painting and plain old gaming there are here!

  7. @Papa - Good, glad you liked the Obliterator rant and Von Drakin's conversion.

    @Brent - Yep. As I've said before, I like digging a bit deeper when I can...not only seeing stuff on the big blogrolls directly like FTW, but also seeing what those who follow/comment on here follow. Six Degrees and all that.

    @Von Drakin - funny you should get here randomly! I'm proud to be your first Follower; I'm sure you'll have many more! As you can see from my "Hell Hounds" Word Bearers I'm fond of mixing the CSM and Space Wolf parts.

  8. lol Yeah man, Very striking army for sure! I will say that I love red... :D The space wolf parts if you asked me just scream Chaos but try and tell that to a frothing Space wolf fan!


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