Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chaos Guard - more Ogryn and other gribblies

After working out with the first few how the arms positioned and how to make the guns the rest of the Ogryn fell together pretty easily.

Bear trap and shoota on the guy on the left.  I don't think you want these guys catching you, but if the trap closes over your head you probably won't have to worry anyways.  Big honking sword on the middle one - ever since the Ironguts first came out, I wanted one with the big honking sword and chainmail veil, so here he is!  Hasan chop! I may add a gun to his base, or just assume it's already run out of ammo and has been discarded.  Simple sword and gun on the one on the right.

Last group of three.  Another simple sword and gun, big choppa and gun, and gun with buzzsaw arm.  The saw is a nob arm attached with a greenstuff shoulder.  Ever since I saw that in the nob kit I knew I wanted it on an Ogryn.

Side view.

4 o'clock view.  Guy on the right has a whip from the Gretchin kit.  Whether he uses it to motivate prisoners or drag them into the buzzsaw is anybody's guess.  My guess is that dragging one into the buzzsaw would do a good job of motivating the rest.

I made the weapon change to the Minotaur, and was pretty happy with the new one.  Not entirely satisfied with the pose though, so I pried the hand off and repositioned the buzzy monstrosity to a more dynamic angle, and also added an extra meathook to the front for just a little bit of extra ickiness and to cover a bit of boring flat space.

So that's the Ogryn squad complete, barring any fiddling or extra bits I may slap on if inspiration strikes.

I also knocked out turning a couple of shotguns into pump-action flamers for the cultist platoon command squad.  Originally I planned on more gargoyle heads, but they looked too wide for the shotguns, and the Cadian flamers also have two barrels that lined up nicely with the shotguns.  A round bit of sprue serves as a fuel cannister.


  1. the new pose of the leader's weapon is sweet! It looks much more dynamic!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, a little change can make a big difference.


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