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The Scouring of Beati Prime part 2 - Missions

Part 2 of what I'd come up with as an outline for a prospective 40K campaign. Part 1 with the mission tree can be found in the previous post

The Scouring of Beati Prime

Aided by an uprising of local cults, the hordes of Chaos have descended upon Beati Prime, taking key strategic positions and routing the local PDF and Arbites. Their position is not yet secure however, and a nearby contingent of Adeptus Astartes is re-routed to deal with the heretics…

Note: Where there is no Draw option specified in the mission, use Kill Points as tiebreaker if it is an objective mission, and Victory Points as tiebreaker for KP missions or if second tiebreaker is needed. If even VP are tied, play mission again.

Mission 1

Descent of Angels The night sky lit up with the meteoric descent of drop pods and the flare of Thunderhawk engines as the heretics scrambled into position.

“Surprise Attack” from Battle Missions (p68) with the addition of Night Fight for the entire battle. Marine player is the attacker. Use of drop pods and other deepstriking units encouraged, to represent the Marine’s initial assault on the Chaos forces. City Terrain.

Chaos Victory – proceed to 2A
Imperial Victory – proceed to 2B

Mission 2A

Storm the Barricades The initial assault did not break the back of the heretics, and the Marines find themselves surrounded. The traitors will find the Astartes a tough nut to crack however…

“Trench Warfare” from Battle Missions (p46). The Chaos player takes the “Imperial Guard” role. City Terrain.

Chaos Victory – proceed to 3A
Imperial Victory – proceed to 3C

Mission 2B

BreakoutTheir initial landings secured, the Space Marines strike out.

“Vanguard” from Battle Missions (p.66). City Terrain.

Chaos Victory – proceed to 3C
Imperial Victory – proceed to 3B

Mission 3A

ExfiltrationTheir battle lines compromised, the Astartes attempt to slip through the encircling forces in order to regroup at another location.

Kill Team basic rules, with the following changes: no Specialists, and use 400pts instead of 200. Instead of table quarters, Chaos player sets up on one half of the table, then marine player enters turn 1 from the opposite table edge. Marine goal is to exit the far table edge. City Terrain.

Once all marine units have exited or are killed, total up the VP value of the models that exited.

251-400 – Imperial Victory, proceed to 3C
150-250 – Draw, proceed to 4C
0-149 – Chaos Victory, proceed to 4A

Mission 3B

Combat Sweep With the traitor line opened, the Imperials move to shatter their strength, striking at concentrations in the wastelands.

“Annihilation” mission from Rule Book, Dawn of War deployment. Marine player may choose to setup first/go first or setup second/go second. Desert/wasteland terrain.

Chaos Victory – proceed to 3C
Draw – proceed to 4D
Imperial Victory – proceed to 4B

Mission 3C

Street Fight – Both sides jockey for advantage as the gutters run red with blood.

“Seize Ground” mission from Rule Book, Pitched Battle Deployment. Use the full five objectives. City Terrain.

Chaos controls 3-5 more objectives – major victory, proceed to 3A
Chaos controls 1-2 more objectives – minor victory, proceed to 4C
Draw – refight 3C again.
Imperial controls 1-2 more objectives – minor victory, proceed to 4D
Imperial controls 3-5 more objectives – major victory, proceed to 3B

Mission 4A

Closing the RingWith the Astartes contained, the Chaos forces bring up the big guns.

“Prepared Assault” from Battle Missions (p42). Chaos player in Imperial Guard role. City Terrain.

Imperial Victory – proceed to 4C
Draw – proceed to 5C
Chaos Victory – proceed to 5A

Mission 4B

Witch Hunt With the Chaos reinforcements cut off, the Marines pick up warp fluctuations in the jungle and move in to pull the sorcerous teeth from the serpent.

“Annihilation” mission from Rule Book, Pitched Battle deployment. Psyker units on both sides count as 3KP, other units count as 1KP each. Forest/jungle terrain.

The Chaos player must take at least two psyker units (Primaris Psykers and/or Psyker Battle Squads). The Marine player does not have to take any, though they may want the protection a Psychic Hood offers!

The Imperial player may also include Witch Hunter Allies if desired, or may even elect to play an entire Witch Hunter army if desired and available.

Imperial Victory – proceed to 5B
Draw – proceed to 5F
Chaos Victory – proceed to 4D

Mission 4C

RegroupReeling from setbacks, the Marines attempt to perform an orderly regrouping to allow for a resumption of the offensive.

“Fighting Withdrawal” from Battle Missions (p78), with the Marines taking on the Tau role. City Terrain.

Chaos Victory – proceed to 5C
Draw – proceed to 5D
Imperial Victory – proceed to 3C

Mission 4D

Burn the Heretic! Whether the fires were started by Chaos sabotage or Imperial incendiary bombardments, the effect upon the city was the same.

“Annihilation” mission from Rule Book, Spearhead deployment. Use “Slash and Burn” rules from Battle Missions p.14. (Burning) City Terrain.

Imperial Victory – proceed to 5F
Draw – proceed to 5E
Chaos Victory – proceed to 3C

Mission 5A

Last Stand The planet is lost to the foul traitors. The remaining marines have holed up in the ruined Arbites precincthouse awaiting extraction. The heretics do not wish their guests to leave.

“All-Round Defence” mission from Battle Missions (p.70). Marines as defender. City Terrain.

Chaos Victory – Total Chaos Victory for Campaign
Imperial Victory – Major Chaos Victory for Campaign

Mission 5B

Rat’s NestDriven from the city, the heretics hole up in an ancient fortress deep in the jungle. The Marines move in to help with the “housewarming”.

“All-Round Defence” mission from Battle Missions (p.70). Chaos as defender. Jungle terrain with central ruins.

Imperial Victory – Total Imperial Victory for Campaign
Chaos Victory – Major Imperial Victory for Campaign

Mission 5C

Hounds of Hell Traitor Marines answer the call for aid from the heretics, eager to engage their “brothers” in battle. The loyalists are just as eager and throw all they have into the fray.

“Black Crusade” mission from Battle Missions (p. 12). The Chaos player should use a Chaos Space Marine force. City terrain.

Chaos Victory – Major Chaos Victory for Campaign
Imperial Victory – Minor Chaos Victory for Campaign

Mission 5D

Stop the RitualTheir mortal forces proving insufficient for a knockout blow, the heretics sought more direct aid from the warp, performing vile rituals deep in the wastelands…

“Stop the Ritual” mission from Codex: Daemon Hunters. Desert/Wasteland terrain.

Chaos Victory – Minor Chaos Victory for Campaign
Imperial Victory – Draw for Campaign

Mission 5E

To the Spaceport! The Marines proving impossible to dislodge, the heretics sought to flee with whatever forces they could to fight another day. While the spaceport itself was still in traitor hands, it had been surrounded by the Marines. To escape, the heretics must break through a ring of Astartes…

“Ambush” mission from Battle Missions (p.50). Marines take on the Necron role.  Desert/Wastelands terrain. 

Chaos Victory – Draw for Campaign
Imperial Victory – Minor Imperial Victory for Campaign

Mission 5F

Purge the UncleanIn a last push, the Astartes attempt to drive the Chaos forces fully into the wastelands.

“Implacable Advance” mission from Battle Missions (p.54). The Marines play the Necron role. Desert/Wastelands terrain.

Chaos Victory – Minor Imperial Victory for Campaign
Imperial Victory – Major Imperial Victory for Campaign


  1. Looking good mate, Have to give this a whirl against my mates Marines. Have you got any plans or thoughts on adding more than 2 factions in the future?

  2. For this one, not right away, since it's just going to be the two of us anyways. In some of the later missions there is a chance for CSM and Witch Hunters to show up, so there could be a bit of variety depending on how the campaign flows.

    If I can get other campaigns going, I'll probably just take the same flowchart and use different missions. As it stands, you could change the flavor text and maybe one or two missions (like Witch Hunt and Stop the Ritual) for something more appropriate to whatever factions you're using and have it work pretty well IMO.

    Look forward to seeing how it works out for you; heck you'll probably get to it before I do!

  3. Hey buddy, if you get this I wanted to clarify on mission 3a in case we get to it, first of all which sides of the table is the marine player required to run? From long edge to long or short to short... would make a hell of a difference in how quickly he can rush units off the board, additionaly where would you have fleeing units fall back to? and do they count if they are fleeing when they leave the table (if they leave on the designated edge)

    Of course this requires me to win the next mission (2a) which is going to gimp me a little as im playing Chaos marines with summoned daemons (I wont be able to have icons on until turn 2 minimum when i start rolling reserves for my daemons... yikes!)

  4. It's meant to be played on a 4x4 like a regular KT mission, so there really shouldn't be any difference. There's no time limit in KT either.

    Looking at it, there are a few things that could stand clarification, like that Marines have first turn.

    For your questions, up to you guys of course but I would say:

    *set up terrain, then randomly determine which side will be the Chaos player's setup zone. Unlike regular KT, CSM deployment is half the table, not just a table quarter.

    *Marine player comes in from opposite edge, going first on turn 1. Marine player needs to exit from CSM board edge.

    *Since each model is an independent unit, probably won't have many falling back. CSM falls back to their board edge, SM falls back towards their entry point. Should a SM unit somehow manage to fall back off of the CSM edge, they count as escaping. If they fall back off their own edge, they count as destroyed as normal.


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