Monday, November 5, 2012

Forget the election, we have a 40K league to decide on!

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I hope that you actually don't forget the election if you're in the US, go vote if you're eligible and you haven't done so already.

But we do have a 40K league to decide on as well!

Gaming Underground is doing another league, this one starting at 1000pts, then going up in 250pt jumps to 1750.  

But what to take?  If there's an army of mine that you'd really like to see in the league battle reports, let me know!  Here's the potential armies and links to their profiles (or basic info if I haven't done a profile yet):

Prime contenders:

Kommisar Krumpa's Orks - I have also since added dreads and kans, and at some point will toss in a dakkajet.

Merkan 76th Imperial Guard - They also have access to Straken, a manticore, chimera, and a pair of armored sentinels.

The Scythiak Usurpation - Perhaps with some CSM allies at higher point levels, but probably not so I have points for the Ogryn mob.

Possible but unlikely:

Hell Hounds Word Bearers CSM - With some fiddling could work them into the new rules.
Deathfin - Space Sharks terminator force using the Dark Angels rules.   Would be very small at 1000pts!

Dark Horse candidates:

Having just finished a league with regular marines, would probably want to play something different.  But you never know.

In theory I'd like to use the Endless Ones, but I won't have enough finished in time.

If you'd like to see more of one of these armies in reports over the next few months, comment below!


  1. I vote for the Merkan 76th possibly with ork allies or Orks with IG allies. I will have to live vicariously through your posts about the league this time around. I won't be able to play because of work and family commitments.


  2. I don't think I'll mix the IG and Orks. Da boyz might take offense at some of the heads the sergeants are carrying. Or at least want the teef for themselves. The Merkans may end up as the army, haven't seen anyone else run IG as primary there yet, though my main worry with them is mobility. Enough firepower can overcome that though!


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