Saturday, November 10, 2012

Endless Ones: WIP Warp Talons, Cultists

After finishing up the berzerkers the other day, I was kind of on-hold for painting due to the cold weather making spraying inadvisable.  I assembled my Warp Talons and waited for a thaw.  Today it came, and I took advantage of the warmer weather to spray the Warp Talons as well as two groups of CC Dark Vengeance cultists.

One of the Warp Talons experienced a bit of a Deep Strike mishap.  I spray outside, on a concrete pad in the back next to our screened in back porch.  After spraying, I tend to take things back into the porch and let them sit for a while.  After I brought everything in, I raked up the leaves that had been piling up on the pad up against the back of the house and cleared the pad off.  Accomplishment!

Later, I let the dog back outside and felt something crunch underfoot.  Looking down, I saw a Warp Talon arm, now with bent claws.  Oh dear.

No problem, the claws bent back easily enough.  Now to put the arm back on the model.  Hmm, these all seem to have both arms, what the heck?  Wait a is missing!

Now, my first instinct of course is that the dog got it, submitting the poor figure to a Sarlacc-like fate, or that she had at least chewed it a bit and left it somewhere.  Since she had missed the arm though and I didn't think the paint would smell or taste good enough I went with an alternate theory, that I had simply dropped it along the way while bringing the figures into the porch.

Dropped it...into the leaves...that I had just raked up and away...oog.  So, I took a small rake my son uses and started looking through the pile.  Before long, I actually had success and found the errant Chaos Marine!  I'm just glad I didn't prime them brown!  Soon he was reunited with his arm and all was well.

Bringing them all inside, I got a little painting done on the Warp Talons, who have been brought up to 6-strong with the inclusion of the Dark Vengeance lightning claw Chosen figure.  Since he looks somewhat different he may end up as the unit champion.  Some possessed wings have also been pressed into service to serve as jump packs.  I haven't really started in on the Supplicants (cultists) yet, but I think that I'll enjoy them.

Seeing me working on figures, sonofsonsoftaurus REALLY wanted to do some painting too.  He had previously done some painting on a Skull Pass Troll, and wanted more little men to paint.  So I rustled up some unpainted figs and some partially-painted old lizardmen we use for our RPGs sometimes, set him up with paints, brushes and whatnot and let him go to town.

The cage is for the dog, I assure you.
One of the lizardmen he worked on.  The green was there beforehand, but he did the loincloth, mouth, and axe.
He got through four figures before he got bored and wanted to go on to something else, but he said he'd want to do it again sometime.  Just need to train him to basecoat and do washes sometime!

Hopefully I'll be able to get more done on the Warp Talons in the coming week and then on to the cultists!


  1. Always like a story with a happy ending and illustrations of the next generation hobbyists getting training in. :)

  2. Totally agree with Dai - good work all round.

    Is that one of the old Fantasy starter set Lizard men (High Elf v Lizardmen set?)?

    I remember doing a painting lesson on one of those way back when I was a young blood.

  3. Glad you liked the story and pics fellas.

    Those are indeed old starter set saurus; picked a bunch back up ages ago cheap, use them for our fantasy rpgs and such.


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