Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Non-league and League Report: Merkan IG vs. Orks, Chaos Marines

Leonard down at Gaming Underground has been thinking about starting up an Imperial Guard army for himself, so I volunteered mine for a demonstration game.  We ended up with Big Guns Never Tire and set up the IG and Leonard's Orks for a throwdown.

The Warboss' trukk shoots forward, while lootas and kannons pummel the Imperial lines, taking out a number of heavy weapons.

Hellhound toasts some lootas, and other fire harms other units, but not enough and they all make their morale tests and stick around.

I manage to pop the trukk with the boss and nobs, but it took more firepower than I had planned on, leaving me nothing to hit the passengers themselves with.

The Ork dakkajet arrives!  The quad gun opens up on it, but only manages to take two hull points.

"Don't fire until you have a vague idea of what direction they're in!" Pew pew.

The Ork leaders hit the line.  I pour four flamers, heavy flamer, inferno cannon, lascannon and more into them and kill a few, but it is not enough.

Dakka jet continues on and erases a guard squad, except for one member.

Lootas finish off the hellhound while the boyz approach.  I really like how the jet turned out in this photo.

Here's where I conceded, partly because it was hopeless, partly to get ready for my actual league match opponent, Chris, who was due in soon.  Victory Orks!  At least it didn't count!

Now for the real game, with Chris Rife whom I was meeting for the first time, and seemed like a great guy.  Look forward to playing him again and just having him around the store!

Chris brought Chaos Marines, leaning but not exclusively Nurgle.  Plague marines with sorceror lord in terminator armor, two bands of cultists, havocs, oblits, heldrake.  We get Big Guns again, and short edge deployment.

We get three objectives, and Chris gets two, which are guarded by his heavy support firepower units, which get to be scoring in this mission.  The cultists and plague marines are therefore free to head towards imperial lines.

Imperials set up to repulse the traitors.  I plan to try to use the squads on the ground floor in the foreground and the tanks to try to press an attack on one of the enemy objectives, as if I just sit in place I auto lose two objectives to one.  

The heldrake screams onto the field as the cultists advance and the Merkan armor moves out.  The quad gun opens up on the drake but thanks to poor penetration and good invulnerable rolls fails to down it.  That's not good.

Plague marines advance.  Snow or the dandruff of the dark gods?  You decide.

The chimera gets popped by long range fire as cultists move up over broken terrain.

The heldrake dodges Imperial fire and prepares to burn down the missile squad.

Plague marines and cultists approach the Merkan lines.

The chimera's survivors' fortune is short-lived, as they are gunned down by renegade guardsmen.

Their armored attack stymied, the guard squads on the right move towards the left, shooting ineffectually at the heldrake as they go.  They're soon burned down.  Soon I have very little left, no real way to stop the plague marines or heldrake and concede.  I had tried to shoot up the obliterators and thereby get an extra VP and clear an objective, but they managed to survive the lascannons over a few turns.  Victory Chaos!


At least with these few games using it, I'm getting kind of disenchanted with the quad gun, and annoyed with flyers in general.  Quad gun, twin-linked heavy weapons due to orders, and I can't down either a dakkajet or a heldrake.  The main thing it has accomplished is to give me false hope.  I may keep it around, but use it more for shooting things on the ground and just accepting that flyers will eat a unit of mine a turn with impunity.

The friendly AV12 1000pt list is over.  The 1250 list will focus more on taking out the rest of the army.  Keep your flyers fellas.  You won't have much else left at the end!

Happy Thanksgiving US folks!  And thanks for 250 subscribers, woot!


  1. A basic hydra is 75 points so two for 150pts but I think you may have a better use for the Heavy support points.


  2. Hydra is a thought. If we didn't have % restrictions I might do that, or may at a higher point level.

  3. I've been successful with IG plasma squads and the bring it down orders (vs flyers)...massed plasma is a multi-use weapon, good vs deathstars, light armor, and even flyers. I usually start with these squads in Chimeras and they stay in their rides until the chimeras are wrecked or they need orders. I keep the quad gun / aegis as a cheap weapon, and since defense lines are set up before deployment, they can be used as bait to impact your opponent's deplyment if they go first...

  4. Thanks for the ideas.

    I should also try to remember mysterious objectives in case I pick up some skyfire there.


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