Friday, November 16, 2012

New 40K campaign book, Wall of Martyrs piece kits

Wow, didn't see these coming!  Thanks to Pins of War for spotting these new GW Advanced Orders.

The Crusade of Fire, a hardback campaign book featuring Imperials, CSM, and Dark Eldar.  Don't think I'll pick this one up unless I can find it cheap, but interesting!

Wall of Martyrs not just limited ed!  Likely more expensive if pieced out, but being able to just get a bunker or something is very nice.  I'm sure I'll end up with a few of these at some point.


  1. Oh GW, i knew i couldn't stay mad at you !

    Campaigns... I DID SO MISS THEM. course i haven't seen the price yet, i'm sure its probably $50 minimum or something.

  2. $41 USD for 96 pages...

    Looks pretty though!

  3. I really, REALLY dislike the move to horribly overpriced hard back books...

  4. I can see these as sort of halfway products to Imperial Armour books. But something like IA9 (Badab Part 1) was around $70 USD for 200pages.

    I would like to get this, but will need to see the contents and be really blown away or get it cheap.

  5. Finally some campaign materials. Shame about the cost though.

  6. Don't get your hopes too high fellas. This is the Christmas money grab - it's probably okay but expecting more from it than the Blood in the Badlands supplement for Warhammer last year might be naive.

    If there's more than 8 pages of rules and 10 scenarios I will be amazed.

    Also in an act of shameless self promotion…

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    I'll answer my favourite 6 questions and the best one judged by my wife (controller of the hobby budget!) will win!

    Cheers Minitrol

  7. I very much miss the campaigns of old.
    Will definitely throw this in my Christmas list for my wife haha


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