Wednesday, October 31, 2012

40K Podcast tab

Above you may notice a new tab, for 40K podcasts.  You can also click the link.

 I listen to a fair few podcasts when I can.  On the page you can find links to those I catch when I can.
 11th company podcast logo
There are many others out there, but mostly not for me.  If you're looking for something to listen to on a commute or while painting, check them out!


  1. Awesome idea bro, I love podcasts and podcasting!

    BTW I finally got someone to fix the problems we have been having with the Deepstrike Radio website. So you can actually post comments to the site in the show posts!

  2. Good to hear Jim!

    Is the TCP show coming back? Front page has been down for awhile, otherwise it would have been on the list!

  3. TCP is in Limbo right now, as Jeff has a serious case of real life piling in on top of him. I will let you know definitively when I know.


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