Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Endless Ones: Abyssal Reavers finished

Finished backpacks, nothing fancy, and got basing done.  It's gotten cold here, so I haven't sealed them yet, but painting-wise they're done.  Either a berzerker squad or simply Khorne-marked CSM, with a champion/Kharne stand-in.

You can tell they're Khorne-worshippers since their skulls already come in nice skull-shaped presentation cases.  How thoughtful!

Thanks for looking!  Please also be sure to check out the previous post and let me have your thoughts on my army for the next league!


  1. Beautiful! I'm a little jealous and rather motivated to pull out my Chaos now...

  2. I still have more to do before I'll play them. Sadly, most of the lists I've been working on don't even include these guys!

  3. More Skulls for the Blood God!



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