Sunday, September 23, 2012

40K League Picture Dump 09/23/12

Only got one game in today at the league, against Patrick's Necrons.  As with last time, the horde of stacking tesla shots destroyed me.  Didn't help that I couldn't hit with 90% of my melta shots or powerfist attacks, and that assault marines apparently can't beat up basic necron warriors.  Ork Nobs and a Warboss, no problem.  Skinny robots, run away!  I may have to break down at our next points jump and just add in the bastion plus quad gun to shoot down flyers as they come in, plus an IG command squad with master of the fleet to slow their entry.
Things looked pretty good at the end of my first movement phase, but went downhill from there.

Pew-pew platforms inbound!
Fail to scratch barge, fail to beat warriors.
Pile in with warriors, fail to beat them some more.
Bike captain breaks off to tackle immortals, bikers fail to bring other barge down with three point blank melta shots and krak grenade/powerfist assault.
Run away for the Emperor!  The C3POs are too much for us!
Getting chaotic.
Manage to kill wriaths wreck one barge and position near the relic.  Just need to survive a bajillion shots for a few more turns...
Or not.  Bikers taken out, tacs move to try to get relic/deal with Overlord, while assault marines pop over to other immortals but fail the charge.
Ha ha, your mindshackle scarabs can't make me hurt my buddies if you kill me before I can swing!
 End game.  Two powerfist sgts both fail to accomplish anything, whiffing against the Overlord.  One sgt, sole survivor of his squad, flees the combat over the wreck of his Rhino.  Game ends with neither of us with the Relic, both of us with Linebreaker and Patrick with First Blood for the win.

Other pics from the day:

Some of Justin's Chaos Marines

Justin's CSM vs. Landon's Marines and Henchmen.

Eldar/Dark Eldar vs. other CSM
Scourges lurk in some ruins.
Even some WHFB, Leonard's High Elves vs. Vinnies Warriors of Chaos.


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