Monday, November 26, 2012

Deepstrike Radio Casting Call recordings live

Recently I recorded a mini-sode with Big Jim and Chase from Deepstrike Radio as part of their casting calls for people who might be interested in joining the show as co-co-host.  

There are two recordings, each with several candidates.  I'm on the first one at the end, but check everyone out.  There will also be a third with one person due to a recording snafu.  Be prepared to hear a lot about bolters!  A lot is similar, but there is different info and some different insights in each segment.

Check them out, and email DSR about who you think would make the best new host.  Having heard a few of the others so far, it sounds like they've gotten some great auditions in, and I don't envy them making the final decision!

After you go through the audition shows, if you haven't already been following them, check out some of the earlier shows!  They've covered a good deal of background already, so you should be able to find something that interests you!


  1. Thanks for trying out for the Show, it was so much fun to do!

    BTW we stuck with the Bolter for all the interviews as the Rhino notes were very dry and lacking.

  2. Thanks Jim; I enjoyed it!

    Enjoyed listening to the others' too!


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