Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Pegasus Hobbies Technobridge

I purchased this bridge kit a while back, to complement a sectional river I bought even further back.  I just got around to opening it up and putting it together, and I am very pleased with it.

Pegasus has made a very simple, functional kit here.  It was a breeze to assemble, taking me about two minutes total to clip off the very few extra bits from the molds and snap it together.  It holds together pretty well so I'm not going to even bother to glue it together, which will make storage and transport a lot easier and allow for alternative configurations.

 Such as this one, below.  Since all the sections are modular, you can take out a section, like a leaf in a table to make a smaller bridge.

Or even smaller, using just the two ramps.

Of course you could also get two kits and add the middle sections from the second one in to make an even longer bridge with no problem.  You might want to add a support on the bottom somewhere in the middle if you extend it a lot though.  If you do get two kits for a longer bridge, the extra ramps could be useful for other terrain pieces.

The railings are separate too, so you can do the bridge without them if desired.

It's a nice width, very practical for 40K.  A Land Raider (or as they refer to it on the bridge box, a "Dirt Plunderer") can cross comfortably.

So can a Defiler.  Two Rhinos or equivalent without sponsons should be able to park on it side by side but it would be tight.

For what it is, I'm very pleased with it.  A nice, simple, affordable and flexible bit of wargames terrain.  Good job Pegasus!


  1. You know, that is a pretty cool looking bridge. I reckon it would look great in 15mm or games of epic as well.

    1. It would be pretty massive for 15mm or Epic! You could get three titans abreast on that thing! If you did, I'd suggest using it without the railings and using some plasticard or something to cover up the gratings, which would be man-sized holes in Epic!


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