Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Endless Ones: WIP Warp Talon

I spent most of the last few days getting reacquainted with my dad, whom I haven't seen in about thirty years.  But, at night I've gotten a little brush-time in, and have fiddled around with this Warp Talon.

I love the look of Chaos Marines, but I'm never really satisfied with painting them.  For the amount of effort I'm willing to put in, they never end up looking like I want.  At present I mainly blame the little raised bands around everything, but partly my preferred painting styles tend to favor things like Orks and IG.  The Endless Ones are going to end up looking OK, but not great IMO.

I couldn't find any purple ink, so I used a coat of blue, followed by a coat of red to get the wing color.  At first I was leery of the color combination, but after adding the gold accents and green claws I think it works a little better.


  1. I dig how those wings turned out - nice contrast against the marine himself. Good stuff!

  2. Yeah, the wings definitely give him a different feel than the jump pack. It looks good, and reflects the daemon nature of them well.

    But seriously, GW? Jazz-hand lightning claws? ;-)

  3. Thanks fellas! I have been gathering some possessed wings for a while and planned to use them for raptors, and when the Warp Talons came out as essentially possessed raptors, knew that's where the wings had to go.

    I was going for some kind of warp-color for the wings, like you see on pics of the eye of terror, blue-purple-pink. I am considering trying to do a little starscape (like the blog background) on the wings, but worry that it will end up looking naff. I've done it before on robes and the like for RPG characters, and it seemed to work OK there.

  4. I like Jazz Hand LC's - means that traitor has good music tastes. :)

  5. Now I may have to give them names like Thelonius or Django.


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