Monday, February 20, 2012

Space Sharks: Deathfin update

We've had a very mild winter here so far, snow & ice wise.  Last night was our first dusting, with about an inch on the ground and a dusting on the roads after a little bit of sleet & rain.  Being the South and not having had any days off yet, the local schools closed down.  Sonofsonsoftaurus and I are therefore home, allowing me to snap a few pics of the Space Sharks that I got decals on and based this weekend and load them up!

I had been debating how to base them.  I knew I didn't want to do my normal preference of a cityscape, as the grey armor would blend in too much.  I wanted them to stand out, and was debating between jungle and desert.  In the end I went with desert, which pairs them up well with my Orks and is funnier to me to see Sharks in the desert.  Hey, gotta get your enjoyment where you can.  Pretty simple, just some buff ballast with a little bit of static grass scrub.

I used a variety of decals for squad markings.  Those with those terminator emblem-shield things got them there, others such as the two command squad members here got them on the knees.  "Belial" went without.  The FW Charcharadon transfers were used for the chapter symbol on the right shoulder pads.  The dread got a chapter symbol (his in black, the others were in white to stand out on the black pads) and some teeth on one leg.

I have a few more details and touch ups to do on some of the figs and when the weather improves the sealing, but these guys are pretty close to done.  Then it'll be back to the more regular Space Sharks!


  1. The basing decision was really good. It makes them stand out tremendously and they look great. BTW. i still have your Purging of Kadillus, i assume you want it back so when might be a good time ?

  2. Thanks. No hurry on the book; I'll stop by HT now and then. If Owen hasn't read it yet feel free to pass it on to him.

  3. I like 'em, tho they seem a little clean for the bloodthirsty muderer of innocents that I read about in the Badab book? No trophies of past victories?

    Desert basing colours are a good contrast.

  4. Innocent? Those that lived in the Tyrant's shadow and did nought to stop him do not deserve that title.

    These guys are teleporting in so would be pretty fresh. While it can look really cool, I'm not too big on the worn all to heck and bloodsoaked marine look.

  5. Yeah, I guess the teleport process would keep them clean.

    Have you seen this chap's Space Sharks blog? He hasn't posted in a while, but what he has done is pretty cool I feel. (And yes, the bloodsoaked look, tho done pretty well I think. :) )

  6. @Deadestdai - Yep, he's got some good stuff there. There are a number of good Space Shark/Carcharodon projects out there.


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