Wednesday, July 3, 2013

40K League Army?

So this weekend the store settles on rules for the next 40K league and we see who's in.  I was originally planning on running the Void Phantoms (Eldar/DE corsairs), but have been having potential second thoughts, and wondered what folks might like to see in action.

I could probably get the Eldar reasonably painted by the start of the league, but have slowed down on the painting for them and my attention may be distracted soon by the imminent arrival of the Reaper Kickstarter bounty.  Perhaps a more finished army would be advisable if my paint station gets taken over by Cthulhu, dragons, etc.  Plus several other players are likely to play Eldar, and I like to have some variety.

I just ran Orks, so they're out.  Not feeling them twice in a row.

Contenders are:

Void Phantoms Eldar Corsairs - suck it up and finish them.

Endless Ones Chaos Space Marines and/or Hell Hounds CSM - same rules, could mix and match as needed.

Space Sharks Space Marines - played them two leagues ago, could play them again.

Merkan 76th Imperial Guard - played them last league, probably wouldn't want to repeat, but possible.

Silver Skulls Space Marines - Can add in Space Sharks units as needed or allies, but main idea of all-drop army.

Scythiak Usurpation  - long shot.  They really need serious work to work well in 6th, including dropping some of the things like Rough Riders that made the army fun to make.

Anything you'd particularly like to see/read about?  Depending on the rules decided upon (restrictions on army % for each FOC category, how the escalation will work, etc.) it could make some armies more or less viable, and if I have an army I know I want to play I can propose/argue for rules that will make that army possible.


  1. (quote): 'Suck it up and finish them!'

  2. I vote for Space Sharks ran as Dark Angels. That way you can play a painted army with new rules. I have a soft spot for Eldar/Dark Eldar, but I understand wanting to diversify the league.

  3. @DMC - Duly noted. More progress was made yesterday.

    @Gigawatts - Hmm. If I ran the Sharks, I would likely use some termies, and I could have fun with a Deathwing or DW heavy army. Don't have the new DA book yet though.


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