Monday, July 8, 2013

Dangerous Fever - Battle Report: Space Sharks vs. Nurgle CSM plasma-spam

Sorcerer and fellow sickos hanging out by their objective.

This Sunday the local players got together to discuss our next league and get some games in.  If everyone sticks with it, we should have around a dozen players for the league.  Still debating what to bring.

While there, I played Scott's Nurgle CSM (as opposed to his Khorne CSM or Iron Warriors CSM).  He's big into Apocalypse games, and it shows with his collection.  He was pulling guys from a box labeled "74 PLAGUE MARINES"!  It was an accurate label.  You can check out his blog HERE.

We played 1850pts, Emperor's Will, Vanguard Strike deployment.  I took my regular sharks plus 8 terminators to bring them from 1500 to 1850.  Scott took a terminator lord with the burning brand, three squads of three terminators with combi-plasmas, a sorcerer with combi-plasma, three squads of plague marines with twin plasma, a squad of PM with melta in a rhino, a squad of PM with flamers in a rhino, and a vindicator.  Everything that could had Mark of Nurgle.

Shark deployment, with whirlwind over to the left with a multimelta combat squad, ML combat squad and rhino combat squads covering the objective with speeder lurking nearby, other stuff in reserve.

Nurgle deployment, preparing to go around both sides of the water treatment plant.

Vehicles pull ahead and pop smoke.

Chaos Terminators prepare to teleport in.  I also forget my pod arrives turn one, so it showed up turn two instead.

Space Shark reserves arrive, terminators, assault squad, bikers against the Nurgle flank.  One terminator and one assault marine lost to dangerous terrain checks.

Ironclad and speeder take out vindicator.

Chaos counter-teleport, but one lost to dangerous terrain check.

Rhino wrecked, but more terminators arrive to back up the plague marines.  

Plasma fire from several squads whittles down the loyalist terminators.

More fire whittling bikers and assault marines.

Shark attack!

Assault squad sgt loses challenge to plague champion, and the few remaining members of his squad jump off the battlefield.  The champion's reward is Fleshbane, which led to a question.  The champion now has Fleshbane, wounding on a 2+, and Poison 4+.  Does he wound on 2+ and reroll 1s due to the Poison?  We decided that he would, but he never got a chance to use it.

Obliterators and plasma fire wreck Brother-Ancient Spielberg.

Another challenge that goes poorly for the Sharks.  This time the champion gets +1 Wound.

Bikers on the rampage.

Chaos terminators have finished the loyalists, but bikers charge another PM squad and Captain Mako dispatches another uppity champion, his third.  I went for personal traits but failed to roll the one that gives you extra VP for challenge wins, pity!

Terminators join in on the fight with the bikers, while sorcerer looks on and weighs his odds.  The captain fails to kill his fourth champion and winds up the sole survivor of his squad, and peels away from the fight.

The third terminator squad with the chaos lord finally hits the table!  They had mishapped twice and gone back into reserve each time, now landing fairly close to target in turn 4.

Rhino popped by obliterators, and various marine squads plink fire off of the terminators and await the inevitable.  

Captain flits back over and fails a charge at the objective holding squad.  He gets jumped again by the terminator champion, who he duels to the end of the game.

Krak grenades finally take out the Whirlwind.

Lord clears out some marines and keeps contesting the objective.  Game ends, win for Chaos!  One objective, linebreaker vs. First Blood, 4-1 to Scott!  Congrats!

Great playing Scott again; it had been too long!  Very fun, brutal game, with lots of fun 40K turnabout with units popping in all over the place.


  1. Hey! what is the comment about plasma spam? The three terminators with the nurgle lord had combi meltas not plasmas, so I only had six plasma guns and seven combi plasmas amongst 36 infantry models.
    Oh Wait, I forgot the obliterators can have plasma guns also, so eight plasma guns and seven combi bolters amongst 38 infantry models, thats no spammy at all, is it?

    But I digress. The Nurgle lord and his terminator escort mishapping twice allowed me to put them on your objective and the game ending on turn five had a lot to do with the final result. I had a great time and your terminator squad dropping behind the line really had me worried. I look forward to the next game.


    1. Forgot about the meltas on the one squad, ho hum. The mishaps did end up being very fortuitous. If my termie squad could have managed a few more cover saves or managed to connect with a fist or two they could have done a lot better. Look forward to your version of the report!

    2. Your desire is fulfilled.



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