Thursday, June 20, 2013

Eldar Corsairs - where I'm headed

My computer is fried, so my ability to get pics up is a bit limited at the moment, apologies.  I'm sure there are ways, but hopefully it will get fixed soon enough that I will not have to fool with figuring it out.  

I have had time to get work in on the Void Phantoms, both assembly and painting.  I stuck with the basics from the test model, with green added for hair, gems and the like, and white robes for seers.

I am pretty far along with 20 kabalite warriors, duke sliscus, ten rangers, autarch, farseer, warlock, and have warwalkers and bikers assembled.

Planning to have:
Autarch -foot and later bike version
Farseer - foot and later bike version
Warlock - foot and later bike version
20 guardians with bright lances using old hw pirate figs for the platforms
10 rangers
3 bikers
Six swooping hawks
Five scorpions
Three warwalkers
Three d-cannons
Crimson hunter ( though may just go with autarch on a quad gun or farseer giving rerolls)
Twenty de warriors with sliscus
Razor wing fighter


  1. Looking forward to it! I dug the paint scheme on the test model - cool stuff, man!


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