Monday, July 29, 2013

Toxic Pool Plan, and more terrain

Some more terrain fiddled with.

The toxic pools, from Gale Force 9.  My son, wanting to help, came up with a plan for using them:

Toxik Pool Plan
1. Enemy fishes in toxic pool thinking it's lake with moss or swamp.  
2. Robot fish bites line and pulls Enemy into toxic pool brings enemy to hall of elements.
3. Robot blorps in certin element code that element will dump on enemy breakng armor/suit.  Robot and enemy put hands behind backs while walking through underground tunnel to robots owners base as they step into the bases range holigraphic handcuffs snap on.
4. They go through the green hall taking the handcuffs off the robot who tells the human/enemy he/she is captured then thrown in Jail and a invincible clone will be copied of the boy/girl enemy.
Some good ideas, but I think I'll just call them dangerous terrain.

Broken eagle, with skull sprinkles.  

Another piece for the tank farm, from the same second hand batch IIRC.  Now with paint and sand.

Some sort of storage facility perhaps?  Made from plastic deodorant packaging and a couple of bits.


  1. I like toxic pool rules, very creative.

    1. He's going to be an interesting GM someday...


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