Monday, July 22, 2013

Pre-league tryouts: Space Sharks vs. Dark Eldar and Space Wolves

A number of us turned up at the local store on the first day of our new league.  All of our actual games were scheduled for other times with other people, but we got some practice games in anyways.  1000pts, Emperor's Will.

The store had also been robbed the night before, with the high-end Magic cards being ripped off, but that's another story.

My first game was against Dark Eldar, a skimmer-fest with ten dark lances, a disintegrator, two liquifiers and many splinter shots.  He circled the wagons around the venom holding the liquifier wracks and haemonculus (above).

I drop down turn one, and manage to take out one ravager and the venom holding the wracks.  Hoped for more, but it will have to do.

The damage pours on, and one terminator squad gets wiped out through shooting and assault, and the one in the middle reduced to one model.

The lone terminator gets taken out, but the wyches bounce off of the remaining squad, which moves over to multi-assault the incoming skimmers.  One raider gets destroyed, but the other two craft survive.

Ravagers and splinter fire take out the last termie squad, and over the next few turns they move up the table and root out Belial and the tac squad sitting on the objective, gunning them down.  Victory DE.

Second game against Josh's Space Wolves.  He set up on the left, with a pack of Long Fangs in each ruin, grey hunters on foot in the far ruin on objective, other grey hunters podding in.  I set up in the top right ruin with my placeholder 5-man tac squad and Belial, with termies to arrive turn two.

Pod thumps down (it ends up drifting to the left somewhat) and grey hunters spill out to try to seize objective.

Terminators materialize, and combined with the tacs/Belial wipe out the grey hunters.  Third terminator squad mishaps back into Reserve.

Long fangs shoot across the field while grey hunters move into plasma range.  Third terminator unit arrives.

Second pod hits and engages the Space Sharks.

Last grey hunter acquits himself well, downing a terminator before the tacticals finish him off after several rounds.

Terminators loose a number of their fellows but manage to run off the grey hunters on the SW objective and eventually moosh the local long fangs as well.  Victory Space Sharks.


  1. Sorry to hear about your store being robbed. That is always disheartening.

    Dark Eldar are always scary for my terminators as well. They can throw out a huge volume of accurate shooting. I haven't tried holding the terminators back and deep striking on Turn 2, yet. But that may help deny rounds of shooting. At 1000, that tactic won't help you much though.

    1. The DE are one of the lists I was most concerned about. There's a ton of AP2/potentially AP2 floating around these lists. Scary, but it makes me have to play better and worry more about terrain, etc.


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