Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Finished Endless Ones (Chaos Marines)

Some finished pictures of the recently worked on Endless Ones.  It was nice enough outside today to spray, so I rushed through the bases for the guys I was working on and sprayed them and the other guys I'd been working on lately.  Oh!  Forgot my recent IG guys, will go dig them out and spray them when I get done posting this.

The pictures looked better in the camera before I loaded them up...may break down and break out the lightbox at some point for better shots.  The marines got gloss coat as I wanted them to be shiny, the cultists and Hannibal (company commander for the Scythiak, second from right below) got matte sealer.


  1. A splendid turn out! I've still to have one finished army.... >_>

  2. Looking good, I really like the wings on those Possessed. I think the shine would look better in person, as I know when I photograph anything shiny, the glare seems to overpower the paintjob.

  3. @Dai - Focus man, focus! Though I doubt these guys will ever really be finished (one of the reasons for the Endless Ones moniker) they are at a decently fieldable level now.

    @Powerposey - Thanks! The extra lights and such do emphasize the shine, but they look too dark without them.

    @ColKillgore - Thanks!

  4. Good stuff, man! I've really enjoyed seeing these come together - loved seeing the old renegades in that first pic. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks! Hopefully they'll feature in some reports soonish.

  5. Some highly old-school marines in there. Cool!


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