Friday, July 26, 2013

40K League: Space Sharks vs. Necrons, terrain, new HQs

First game of the league, with the Sharks up against Patrick's Necrons.  Emperor's Will, Hammer and Anvil deployment.  Here's the crons, with Belial and tac combat squad back in far right corner where they sat out the battle on my objective.

Sharks teleport in, and scatter back and away from the crons, in one case out of LOS.  While one squad Vengful Strike's a wall, the other two plink off of AV13 and jink saves.

It went downhill from there.  Tesla racked up the wounds, and I didn't save enough.  What hits I got were counteracted by jink saves and reanimation protocols.  End result, three squads of termies wiped out, one hull point to a ghost ark (plus another self-inflicted one).  4-3 victory to the Necrons, from First Blood.  

I did a little work on some terrain as well.  First up some Toxic Pools from Gale Force 9.  Nice pieces, sturdy like all their terrain.  I felt they were a little plain though, so did some sloppy overbrushing to pick up the raised areas and give the impression of fumes floating across the surface.

In the background you can also see an old Citadel Chaos Warrior, a Reaper sorceress (screw you Julie Guthrie, but that's a topic for another time), a ruined aquila and some marines...

Here's the marines on the aquila.  On the left is an old metal librarian, with a jump pack and some pointy bits.  On the right is a counts-as Azrael.  Both for the Space Sharks.

Side shot of Azrael, with his shark emblem shoulder pad.  I don't recall what made me poke around Shapeways, but I did and found some shark pads, which I soon ordered.  Hopefully I'll get these guys painted soon, though it will likely be a few point steps before they show up in lists.


  1. The Toxic pools look great. Are the new marines to add to your League army when the points go up or just to add to the army?


    1. Thanks!

      I don't have firm plans on when, but I would like to squeeze them in to the league army at some point. Azrael to replace Belial to allow the bikers to be troops as well as the terminators. Librarian once I add the assault squad in.


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