Thursday, July 4, 2013

Call your Apothecary!

Poor Vespid - even in the new book they can't get a break.

Are you a Warhammer 40K player suffering from:
  • Lack of firepower
  • Infrequent tankbusting
  • Irregular objective clearing
  • Skyfire deficiency
  • Inconsistent overwatch
  •  or overpriced codex units?
If so, contact your Apothecary about Taualli.  
Taualli is a potent formula with long-range impact to improve your 40K lifestyle.  If you want to blow your opponents off the table, ask your Apothecary or Army Builder about Taualli.

Taualli may not work with all codicies.  Please consult a rulebook before incorporating Taualli.  Do not take at the same time as Necronalli or other alli-class products.  Armies that spawn Termagants or may spawn Termagants should not use Taualli.  In studies, significant wallet damage has occurred in some users of Taualli, especially those with tririptideisis.  Do not use white primer on Taualli after Labor Day.


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