Sunday, July 14, 2013

SMILE! Loaner terrain

Players down at Gaming Underground had been bemoaning the lack of variety in terrain, so I made up a couple of pieces to leave there for a while.  First up is a rocket-shaped birdhouse I picked up a while ago at Michael's at a discount as one fin was broken off.  I figured it just saved me work, since I would probably have it as a crashed rocket anyways, and the broken fin makes it easier to lie down.

At first I thought of doing it as an ork rokkit, some kind of giant pulsa, but decided to make it imperial.

Before you get annihilated, you may as well see a friendly face...

A friend of mine made these some time ago, and I dug them out to paint.  Did them up as some kind of alien crystal/necron thingies/warpstone motherlode.  Being foam, didn't want to use spray sealer, so used the brush on dip instead to protect them a bit.

They're now down at GU, perhaps they'll see use in some batreps!



  1. What I really want to see at GU is more obnoxious terrain that can go in the middle to prevent gunlines from being stupid good. Longfangs are sweet when they can see everything. In my last game against Bean we were going to use the giant green tower I never see anyone use but the mission type was the relic and we had to use one of the huge buildings in the center instead.

    1. I'd think some of the same tall buildings that the gunlines like would work well in the middle - block some LOS, give cover even if in LOS.

      But if you have other good stuff in mind, look forward to seeing it!


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