Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scythiak Usurped! 40K Batreps, IG vs. Necrons, IG vs. Space Wolves

Down at Gaming Underground today, got in a couple of games with the Scythiak Usurpation.  First against Patrick's Necrons at 1850, one objective each, with 50 warriors, a bunch of AV13 skimmers and some other stuff.

The highlight for me was getting the powers I wanted for the Primaris Psyker, namely Endurance and...whatever that Telepathy one is that makes your guys Fearless.  Great options for the Ogryn mob, who led the advance on my left, while other units scampered up to occupy the annihilation barges.

Turn two the spawn-riders come in and loose krak missiles at the back of a ghost ark, but all miss.

At the same time, Khonan reveals himself and chucks his demo charge at the immortals and lord hiding on their objective.  The explosive bounces off a metal skull back the way it came, detonating in the middle, taking down Khonan and four immortals.  Three immortals get back up.  Khonan doesn't.

Necrons rip squads apart with guass and tesla fire.

Fire pours into the Ogryn, but with cover and feel no pain they take it in stride.

Lord separates from warriors and tears into the spawn riders.

Scythiak flank attack makes contact!  If it goes well, the Ogryn can continue and sweep over towards the immortal-held objective.

It doesn't go well.  Ogryn kill some warriors but end up getting routed but escape, rough riders do a little damage but get counter assaulted by another warrior squad and cleaned up.  Gunships continue their rampage.

There's some more fighting, and some possible ways for me to tie, until the necrons finally gun down my commander making victory impossible (5-4 best result - one objective each, he had first blood and warlord, I had linebreaker, if game continued he would also get linebreaker).  Congrats Patrick!

Next up, a 1000pt game against Bean, with him using his new love, Space Wolves.  A bunch of grey hunters, two long fang packs and a terminator runepriest.

Seize the Relic! (aka the red chip).  Scythiak forces spread out and prepare to advance with some heavy weapon covering fire.  Opposite them marines ready to meet them, with long fangs above and pods hurtling down.

Long fang fire punishes the heretics, and a pod of grey hunters slams down on the wolf right flank.

Concentrated fire takes down several marines, and the Ogryn charge into the survivors.

Another pod slams down and grey hunters seize the objective.  Khonan appears soon after and heaves booming death at them, killing most of the squad.

Spawn riders appear at the same time and try to shoot up some long fangs, but fail miserably.

Ogryn chase their foes across the broken Aquila and troops mass in the middle.  Continual frag fire takes its toll.  Cultist with a meltagun takes out a pod, getting First Blood, but the explosing kills him and several of his unit, causing the rest to fall back.  "The Sky Pinatas only hold death, not candy!"

Long fangs annihilate the spawn riders with ease.

Big scrum evolves in the middle.  The marines take serious losses and fall back several times, but ultimately superhumans in power armor have the edge over mere humans, no matter how many freaky gods they follow.  The wolves retire with the Relic and the win.  Though I always maintain, in the big scheme of things losing a hundred humans to take out twenty marines is a gigantic strategic victory!


  1. I agree with your logic, losing 100 humans to kill twenty space marines sounds like a win to me too.

    You will show them the next game.


  2. I doubt they'll see the table for the league. They just don't have the mobility or tools needed.


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