Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - Completed Cultists and Sorcerers, League Update

With the semester over, I have a few weeks of relatively more free time, and knocked out finishing steps on the Scythiak cultits platoon, the cultist missile launcher teams, and the sorcerers. 

As a reminder, naming rights on most of these fine heretics are still available.  If you see someone you really like you can name them after yourself, a favorite character, etc. and be a part of the Usurpation!  Most of the techno-barbarians, Ogryn and others are up for grabs too, so poke around if no one here wakes up the voices in your head.

Von Drakin and his retinue:

Rest of the cultists:

Sorcerers - Sorcerer Coven (aka Psyker Battle Squad) led by Mors Vaul, in black.  Master Sorcerer (aka Primaris Psyker) on far right.

I also went out to Heroes Headquarters on Sunday and got a couple of league games in, at the 1000pt level now.  The Scythiak learned the dangers of traveling light however, as I unpacked and discovered I had forgotten to bring along the extra forces for this round!  With some kind proxy models loaned by other players I was able to proceed.  Thanks John and Scott!

The Scythiak forces at this point look like:

The Scythiak Usurpation – Chaos “Imperial Guard” 500pts
Cultist Platoon
Platoon Command Squad, Power weapon, 2 flamers -50pts
Infantry squad meltagun - 60pts
Infantry squad meltagun - 60pts

Techno-barbarian platoon
Platoon Command Squad, Power Fist, 2 flamers - 55pts
Infantry squad grenade launcher - 55pts
Infantry squad grenade launcher - 55pts
Heavy Bolter support squad (3xHeavy Bolters)- 75pts

2xSpawn-Riders (scout sentinels) with Missile Launchers - 90pts
Total: 500pts
+6 Ogryn -250pts
Total: 750pts
+ Chaos Sorcerer (Primaris Psyker) 70pts
+ Mortar Squad 60pts
+ Lascannon Squad 105pts
Total: 985pts

And now that the cultists are done, this part of the force is fully painted!  Woot!  Now to work on Tramplemaster Gyro and the rest of the Rough Riders!

Game one I played against John's Blood Angel Task Force again.  Aside from upgrading, he took the opportunity given by the league to revise his force a bit.  He had a Librarian and Death Company in  a Rhino, two small assault squads with jump packs, small tac squad with a las/plas razorback, death company dread and a librarian dread.  We had determined that the librarian dread was his prior librarian who kept attracting Perils attacks and krak missiles, and the Sanguinary Priests finally gave up and entombed him in a dreadnought.

Seize Ground, Dawn of War.  The Spawn Riders outflanked and did their job, distracting the Razorback and Death Company dread which both got immobilized far away from the main fight and objectives, but still managed to destroy the Spawn.  The Librarian Dread enjoyed jumping around, and was critical in keeping me from securing more objectives.  One fun part of the game was the Libby Dread assaulting a squad, killing a couple, them falling back but getting away, and falling back in position to rapidfire and take out one of his assault squads on an objective.  OOO-rah!  Not enough to win the game, but it felt good.  Don't discount those retreating squads folks!  In the end the Sons of Sanguinius held the field; win for the BA.

Game two I played Hugh's Brotherhood of the Crimson Thunder (Grey Knights).  He had a termie librarian with a termie squad for company teleporting in, a purgation squad loaded with psycannons, a las/plas razorback, a strike squad, and a plasma cannon toting dreadnought.  Capture and Control, Pitched Battle Deployment.  The termies ported in on my side and munched through a number of units.  In the end the Ogryn pounced on the depleted termies (who were contesting an objective) and finished them off, and the depleted strike squad broke and fell off of his objective, giving the Scythiak a 2-0 win.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some more games in over the next few weeks while my schedule is more open.  I've been doing pretty well so far, though I fear that as the points get higher I'll see a lot more in the way of dreads, tanks, and termies which are harder for the Scythiak to handle.  Hopefully I'll even be able to get some real batreps up now that my own force is painted (for this level) and if I can remember the camera!

Speaking of batreps, check out a couple of league battles for Colkillgore, same day and opponents as I had.

Catachans vs. GK

Catachans vs. BA

I also stopped by the local Hobbytown Tuesday, hoping to get a game in.  Only two folks there to play, who were already starting a game of their own.  The jackhammering next door convinced me not to hang around.  However, I did get a chance to chat with another player who was just there to buy stuff, Joe.  I'd met him before I think, but a while ago and only briefly.  We talked a bit about his projects and such, and I hope to get to play him sometime or at least see his work.  He's got a CSM Dragon Warriors army, which I think is awesome.  I had actually considered doing the Dragon Warriors myself when the recent codex came out, as it fit really well what I wanted to do for my Hell Hounds (all melta/flamer) but I had already gone partway down building and painting them as Word Bearers, with WB pads and such so kept on course.  I love seeing different CSM groups, so really hope to see them sometime, and if I can get some pics I'll share them here.  He's also starting on a Dark Angels force, starting with Ravenwing then branching out to Deathwing and regular PA/tanks/etc. 


  1. Really liking these new Scythiak units, von Drakin and friends look awesome! Have you taken a group photo yet of the army to this point? I enjoyed the developing background for the BA Libby Dread, too. Oh and congratulations on finishing the semester!

  2. No, I plan to take a pic of the 1000pt list (perhaps with additional completed stuff like the cultist MLs and the "Russ" too) at some point soon...



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