Monday, May 30, 2011

Lost and the Damned - Operatives

Another unit.  Not terribly powerful, but potential to be troublesome.  Lots of deployment options.  The Devotee could be a good way to get an Icon into unpleasant places, and the Saboteur can Deep Strike in using someone else's icon and chuck a demo charge.  The Devotee will also likely be able to be Consecrated (have a daemon unit tied to it). 

(Elite) Operative

Cost: 15pts

Operative: WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 I 3 W 2 A 2 Ld 9 Sv 5+

Fearless, Fleet, Infiltrate, Move through Cover, Stealth, Deep Strike

Whither go the Gods, so go I – If Deep Strike within 6” of an Icon will not scatter.

Wargear: Laspistol, close combat weapon, frag and krak grenades.

Options – the Operative may select one of the following specializations.

Assassin – +20pts - Gains +1 BS, +1 WS, +1 I, sniper rifle and power weapon. 
You are the one I seek: In both shooting and assault, one wound caused by the Operative may be allocated to a model of its choosing in the target unit.

Saboteur – +30pts - Gains melta bombs and a demolition charge.
Booby traps – After both players have deployed, but before Infiltrators or Scout moves, you may designate one piece of terrain not in the enemy deployment zone to be dangerous terrain.  Models that already treat difficult terrain as dangerous are 1 in 6 more likely to be affected (ie bikers and normal vehicles are affected on a 1 or a 2, a vehicle with It’s not built to do that is affected on a 1-3, etc.).  Rerolls for things like dozer blades, skilled rider, etc. may be taken as normal.

Devotee – +5pts - Gains a personal icon.


  1. I dunno, he feels very vunerable. At T3, 5+ Sv., with 1 wound. Any squad could eat him alive, while he's waiting for a daemon unit to show up. Fairly cheap, but at the same time it takes away an elite slot.

  2. Oops, he was meant to be 2W. Will edit that in.

    He is meant to be potentially dangerous yet being a solo human, vulnerable. No Lone Wolf or Mephiston here. I didn't want to make them tougher than (or as tough as) Marbo while not being Unique.

    The pricing is tricky and may need to be adjusted, but as you note the big "cost" is the slot.

  3. Yea, i think 2 wounds is acceptable. but it forces you to be really careful with him. which of course you should be. No =I= assasin here, that can destroy a stompa with his freaking sniper rifle. ( I watched it happen 0_o)

  4. Well, it is an Ork just have to hit the right piece of bubblegum and the whole thing comes apart...

  5. yea, but it IS still a super-heavy walker. But i get the idea. Though in practice i've seen him kill land raiders with ease, i just find it ridiculous how a sniper can do all that on his own.


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