Thursday, April 28, 2011

League Update: Ogryn Power!

*not an actual in game photo

I still have one paper to revise and finish for the semester, but took today off to head over to Heroes Headquarters to get a couple of games in.  I had hoped more folks would be there and I could play some other folks, but ended up playing John's Blood Angels and Hugh's Grey Knights again.

 Which is fine; they're both great guys, I enjoy playing them both and I like fighting Imperials with my Scythiak, but I hope to be able to branch out more in the future.

This is our 750pt round, and I brought in six Ogryn to beef up my horde of grunts.  They did well in both games.  Both games ended up as three-objective Seize Ground, vs. BA in Spearhead deployment, vs. GK in Pitched Battle. 

The forces of Chaos were at work on the dice; both of my opponents had some bad luck at bad times, helping the Scythiak to secure victory in both battles.  John continues his tradition of Perils-ing his Librarian, and Hugh blew five out of five power armor saves for one of his GK squads very early in the game, plus his teleporting squad waited until turn five to show up, then scattered too far away to make the potential game-changing difference.  I had a good time, I think they both did too despite the outcomes. Next round is 1000pts, not exactly sure what I'm going to upgrade to as of yet.  Paper first!

The Ogryn were solid, and pretty scary at this level.  Both opponents had force weapons, but were unable to really get them in to make the difference. While they're an investment, the more I use them the more I think they're probably not as overcosted as most people think - if you have enough other stuff in your list to cover your other requirements.  They're not as efficient as Chimera-borne vets or Vendettas, but they're not shabby.

First, look at them as short-ranged shooting units rather than assault.  Their gun is 3 shots at strength 5, which is similar to a heavy bolter.  A heavy bolter squad will run you 75pts for three, so 25pts each.  Now make them Relentless (the ripper gun is Assault), drop the AP and drop its range to 12".  Probably a fair trade.  Bump them to toughness 5 and remove most of their instant death worries, probably +5pts each.  Extra wound, again probably another +5 each.  Now make them Stubborn, give them an extra attack, furious charge, WS 4 and Strength 5.  Worth 40pts?  Probably.  Now, this is assuming you think Heavy Bolters are worth 25 each, which is another issue!

Edit: I should probably also link to my Ogryn: Not Terrible post here too!


  1. They are not a bad tar pit either. They can really bog down an assault to allow you to either move other units away or reinforce them.

  2. @Mags - Sometimes. They're great against things that would have trouble wounding them that they could hurt in return, or as an intimidating obstacle in cover for things like 'stealers who don't have grenades. But for any unit that would beat them, they are Stubborn, but still only test on a 7...combats they lose are likely to see them run down. There are ways around that of course, but better to sacrifice a 60-pt infantry squad instead if you're looking for a speed bump.

    @palehorse - Puny humans always try to hurt Ogryn!


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