Friday, May 27, 2011

Lost and the Damned - Zombies and Beasts

A couple of units for Codex: Lost and the Damned:

(Troops) Zombies
               Animated corpses, mind controlled minions, victims of the Plague of Unbelief, etc.
Cost: 7pts per model.
Unit size: 10-50
Zombie: WS 2 BS 0 S 3 T 3(4) I 2 W 1 A 1 Ld 10 Save 6+
Fearless, Feel No Pain, Slow and Purposeful
Zombies never count as scoring units.
There is no escape – For purposes of Sweeping Advances, Zombies have an Initiative of 5.
They’re already here – For +1pt/model the unit may be given Infiltrate. 

Brains! – If an independent character is attached to the unit, roll a d6 at the start of your own Assault Phase if the unit is not already engaged in assault.  On a roll of a 1, the zombies turn on the character(s) and launch an assault on them.  They may not also assault other units at the same time.  Resolve the combat as if the zombies and the character are enemies (the character does not count as being part of the zombie unit for any purpose so long as the assault continues.  The zombies will continue to attack the character until the zombie unit is wiped out, the character is dead, the character successfully flees, or the zombie unit is assaulted by an enemy unit.  If the enemy assaults the zombies, they cease their attacks on the character and the character resumes its status of being attached to the unit. 

(Fast Attack) Beasts
               Mutant hounds or other monstrosities sent to tear foes apart.
Cost: 8pts per model.
Unit size: 5-15
Beast: WS 3 BS 0 S 3 T 3 I 4 W 1 A 2 Ld 6 Save 6+
Beasts, Frenzied
Winged – for +2pts/model may change unit type from Beasts to Jump Infantry.

(edit - added Brains rule to the zombies)


  1. I really like the Zombie unit. 50 infiltrating zombies will only be 400 points. What a bargin.


  2. Do you think that's an appropriate cost, or too cheap? I started them as less, but bumped it up esp. after adding the There is no escape rule. They'll take some effort to wipe out, but aren't that impressive in damage output.

  3. Added Brains! rule to the zombies. Perhaps there will be a zombie master special character or an upgrade that can get around it.


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