Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ork run-in with Lost and the Damned of all things!

Not having any takers for league games yesterday, I stayed closer to home and went out to the local Hobbytown for a little bit.  There was a pretty good crowd, and most of theme were getting started with an Apocalypse game.  From what I can recall it was Grey Knights, Space Wolves, and some other Marines against Chaos Marines with traitor guard backup and Orks.  Some home-built Apoc-type stuff hit the table, like Stompas and Imperial fighter-bombers.  From what I saw, the Grey Knights, Space Wolves, and World Eaters all looked especially nice.

I didn't get into that, instead starting up a pick up game with Jason (from prior batrep) and his Death Guard and Aaron whom I've seen around but haven't played, who broke out his Nurgle traitor guard (the Traitors of Rust) for the match.  Awesome! 

We decided on 2000pts/side, with the Orks against the Death Guard/Nurgle Guard combo at 1000pts each.  I beefed up my normal 1850 list by turning the bikers into Nob Bikers, which as it turns out is an easy way to add 150pts to that list, and may well be my default way of doing so going forward, at least until I get my Killer Kans built and painted.  The old nob kept his klaw and bosspole, the guy with the "surgical" mask became the Painboy, the other two guys with weapons in hand got big choppas and the remaining two were plain-jane, taking my normal 190pt biker unit to a 340pt unit of nobs.

Across the table was a big infantry blob, some autocannons, valkyrie with vet squad, Straken and a Russ, winged Nurgle DP, two squads of plague marines in Rhinos, Defiler, two oblits.  We crammed onto a 4x4 table and fought over a chaotic knight titan that Aaron had - Chaos to recover it, the Orks to loot it!

In the end the Orks prevailed, with the Big Mek and some boyz getting up into the knight and holding it at the end of the game.  I had a good time, not just because the Orks did well, but because I had great opponents who had good attitudes.  I would definitely gladly play either of them again, and especially hope someday to get a good slugfest together with my Merkan 76th horde IG vs. Aaron's horde Nurgle guard. 

Some highlights:

Nurgle Warptime DP taking out warboss and meganobs, but getting taken out by the Ardboys who charged in to support the boss.

Big choppa nob (on foot, not one of the bikers) swatting the valkyrie out of the air.

A couple of plague marines and lots of Orks dying from dangerous terrain tests (though now that I type about it, we all misremembered in the heat of the moment, and were treating exploded craters as dangerous, when they should have just been difficult.  The wrecks we treated right.). 

Grots getting a battlecannon dedicated to them (they were getting ready to ascend the objective).  

I had some good luck with vehicle cover saves, nob biker saves, some lucky rounds of close combat and good morale checks for the most part which certainly helped.  I also tend to think that in such 1v2 games that the single player tends to have an edge, as the two players even with the best of intentions will inevitably have some problems with coordinating their efforts.


  1. Would love to play the Merkan 76th, sounds like a fun game. I expect high casualties. :D

  2. Absolutely. We should keep a running tally.

  3. I agree completely, would be kind of fun to have a campiegn, but i think we'll save that for later. Right now, i wanna swarm over your lines with hundreds of blood thirsty traitors. or are they plague thirsty ???

  4. Blood thirsty, blood-borne, whatever.

  5. exactly, just looking forward to it. I have the army list for all the stuff i have in the "Pilgrims of Rust" on my blog. It equaled out at around 4000, and i've not added in my CSM's. Kind of mind blowing, didn't think i had that many gaurdsmen. lol


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