Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

Thanks to Larry from Paint Your Toys (sage advice, that!) for the nomination for the blogger ego boost award Stylish Blogger Award!  Not sure where it started, but it's found its way to the tabletop gaming section of the interwebs and has been hot & heavy for a week or so now.

The idea is pretty simple:

The rules;
Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
Share seven things about yourself
Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

First part, check.

Second part:
Seven Things about sonsoftaurus

1. I have many, many "little men" (and one very supportive wife), but my favorite little man is my son, Jack (aka sonofsonsoftaurus).  And he even came prepainted!

2.  After having been laid off a few years ago, I went back to school, currently getting my Master's in Education, planning to teach Middle/High School Social Studies (or whatever level/topic will hire me!).

3. I have bins full of HeroClix, but have never played a single actual game of any kind of 'clix.  My RPG group uses them for our superhero games.

4. I love all manner of baked goods.  I like heat and doing baking myself too; I could probably be happy as a baker, aside from the schedules.

5. I met one of my buddies/gaming buddies on the bus for Middle School, and have been doing RPGs with the same general bunch of folks for like 25 years.  Which has its upsides and downsides, but on the whole I've been blessed with a great bunch of friends.

6. My first miniatures were hand-me-downs from my brother; Grenadier figs, lovingly painted with Testors enamels.

7. I'm pretty poor at keeping in touch with people that aren't nearby.

Third part, new nominations!  I don't *think* these have been nominated already, but if so, oh well.  There are also a lot of blogs I would normally nominate for this sort of thing, but have already been awarded.  As always look through my blogroll or many previous plugs to see more places I like if interested. In no particular order:

Hungry Ghosts - Awesome Chaos Squat army project, and repository of gobs of squat lore.

48th Steel Legion - Nifty IG conversions, with a side of window into the hardcore punk scene.

A Gentleman's Ones - bsmoove Brian must have been nominated before and I just missed it.  If not, I'm honored to be the one to do so.  Lots of great stuff there.

Table Top War - Some great guys that got back into 40K not too long ago, and jumped in head first.

My Little World of Dementia - My regular pimping of Scott J's blog.  Admech, Nurgle, pulp stuff and more.

Lord Ashram's House of War - Mainly a historical gamer (though he's recently done up some Space Wolves).  Great tables, and check out the Harry Potter setup he did for his wife.  Partly nominating him to get the meme loose in the historical blogs too.

Ten Inch Template - Great conversions and a great gritty style.

Dave Taylor Miniatures - Mr. Blood Pact himself.  Great conversions with lots of good traitor-y flavor, plus lots more. 

5th Column - As far as I know nothing to do with taking Madrid, instead another couple of blokes with some nice armies.

Wargaming Tradecraft  - good hobby and hobby-blogging content.

All Things Fett - Wargaming with legos and assorted other toys.

From the Warp - For the few in the 40K-hobby blog world that don't know...go check it out.

And since they have blogs too and are therefore eligible I'll throw in some nods to hobby podcasts, again in no particular order:

The Independent Characters

Deepstrike Radio

The Overlords

The 11th Company

World's End Radio

Now to contact everyone!  Ooog...


  1. Thanks for the nomination!
    There are lots of great and deserving blogs in that list. I'm proud to be in their company.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thanks SON OF TAURUS!YOu rock.Is this still going on???do i post my stuuf on your page or my page??thanks
    48th steel legion

  3. palehorse - You continue the blog chain letter on your own site. It goes on until folks tire of it.


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