Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost and the Damned - Stalk Tanks

No, that's not right.  (Image from

Another unit, this time the Stalk Tanks made famous in the Gaunt's Ghost series. 

(Fast Attack) Stalk Tank
Legions of the Eye only.
Cost:  65pts each.
Unit size: 1-3
AV 11/11/10 WS 3 BS 3 S 5 I 3 A 2
Walker, Scouts, Fleet

Weapons: Twin-linked Multilaser (turret)
Upgrade Twin-linked Multilaser to:
               Twin-linked Heavy Flamer +5
               Twin-linked Reaper Autocannon +10
               Twin-linked Lascannon +20
The Stalk Tank can instead opt for the Slaughterer pattern and remove its twin-linked Multilaser for a variety of wrecking balls, chainblades, flails and other implements of destruction for +15pts, gaining +1A and Rending.                           

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