Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - League Games

Yesterday I got in a few games with John, and despite other obstacles to our time like fixing John's car we managed to plow through three 1000pt games.  All ended up as Annihilation, and over the course of the evening we managed all three standard deployment types. 

I won't try full reports for these, but some pics are below.  In short, I got repeatedly crushed.  I always said in the early games that as the points increased and restrictions were removed the Scythiak would suffer once more tanks, dreads, and super-tough units were introduced.  And yep, it's happening.  My firepower just wasn't sufficient to handle the dreads and tanks, and the Blood Angels were able to close and munch through the Scythiak pretty casually.  I killed the Rhino and Razorback in game two after they were already in my lines, but didn't get them in either of the other games and never scratched the dreads.

I did get to use a bunch of my more recently acquired terrain, so that was a plus. 

Here's where the Rhino tank shocked the Ogryn and a platoon command squad off the table


  1. Sorry to hear about the crushings, but at least you got to use your new terrain.

    The table looked good, with an excellent amount of terrain!

  2. Yeah, the new terrain looks really nice!

  3. You only lost because your oppt was playing with Mk1 chassis and Soul Drinkers

  4. @Big Jim, Papa JJ - Thanks for the comments. It was indeed nice to get to use the stuff.

    @Tordeck - Umm, yeah, that must be it! Actually Blood Angels, I think Flesh Tearers, Crucifiers, and Iron Warriors. Some Ultramarine and Crimson Fist units will likely join them future battles too.

  5. Nothing beats the Mk1, that's why (i dont have a link sry) someone actually used plasticard to convert there Mk2 to look like a Mk1. And they are purple, that means Soul Drinkers in my book lol.

    Did Sally at least kill something :)

  6. Not Soul Drinkers at all. Those are members of the lost 4th Company of the Crucifiers chapter of the Adeptes Astares. I should know, because I painted them! I sold them about 8-9 years ago through a game shop in Ponca City, OK named Hall of Heroes. It's great to see my stuff is still being used!

  7. Although I am disappointed about all that dust on the Rhino (formerly a MK1 Predator. Decided it did not fit my style so I converted it to a Rhino...)

    I can say that the 5th Company of the Crucifiers is fully active here in Oklahoma.

  8. Hey Coldsteel, small world indeed! John still uses them a good deal; I've had many games against them over the years and editions. There may well be some other batreps in the archives that feature them.

    Saw that you've started a blog too; hope to see some pics of the 5th company sometime!


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