Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rending Ponies! Scythiak Usurpation Rough Riders WIP

I've gotten some work done on one squad of Scythiak Rough Riders and their mounts.  The mounts are further along, and might be worth a picture or two to prove some progress, so here you are!

I managed to get a game in today with Eddie and the Ed-dar, doing 1850pts with my Sons of Horus CSM.  We played one of the Battle Missions scenarios, "Vertical Envelopment".  Given the nature of the rules, we decided that the Eldar should be the "Tau" for the mission.  It's a kill point game, with the special rule that the "Tau" can use reserves but the enemy can't, and any skimmers (plus transported units) held in reserve by the "Tau" enter from the enemy's long board edge.

I thought I had protected my tanks pretty well but neglected to account for a fire dragon conga-line without their wave serpent, and my land raider got meltabombed to death.  C'est la 2d6.  He was a little eager to use the fire dragons to take things out, and his small jetbike units proved pretty vulnerable.  If he had been more standoff-ish I think he would have taken me, as it was we ended up with a 6-6 tie. 

Later I watched Eddie and John play a test match for a tourney this weekend, and Eddie got to see first hand how icky it can be to be on the receiving end of some nasty psychic powers (Blood Angels in this case - two libby dreads and a bike libby).  If you're taking a farseer anyways, those Runes of Warding can come in really handy!  I think in the future if he trims a little and takes the Runes he'll have an easier time with a number of armies, especially now that Grey Knights are so popular.

I'm going to be busy most of this week, so may not be able to finish the RR's soon, but probably sometime next week I'll have more complete horse + rider pics to share, and we'll be breaking into the 1250pt period for the league games. 

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