Friday, May 13, 2011

Scythiak Usurpation - League Game

Made it out to Heroes HQ yesterday, hoping to get some league games in.  The owner is in the league, there's normally another couple of players around, and a few others had said they were coming.  Unfortunately, the owner decided not to play (but not too busy to play Pokemon), and most of the other players came in much later or got into a boardgame. 

So, I played Hugh's Brotherhood of the Crimson Thunder (Grey Knights) again, which isn't a problem, I like him but was again hoping for a little more variety.  To paraphrase Bullwinkle, next time for sure!  Anticipating possible delays, I did take along a squad of Rough Riders and some paint, and got some work done on them.

Here's a few more pics:

We did a four-objective Seize Ground, with Spearhead deployment.  He won the roll-off, and conveniently chose corners that gave me nice high vantage points for heavy weapons teams.  The heavy weapons and sentinels did some damage, and I held back the squads until he got closer, not especially wanting to get vortexed or charged by grey knights.  After he got close enough for me to move up and meltagun his dreadnought and his librarian failed a save vs. lascannon fire, it was a smoother ride for me, despite sustained stormbolter and psycannon casualties wiping several squads out, and the Scythiak won in the end. 

For the next stage of the escalation, I have a few points left over to spend, so have 265 to add.  I originally planned on two rough rider squads and a third sentinel, but after seeing a lot more tanks and dreads I feel I need to sacrifice some of the rough riders for more long range fire and general nastiness, so instead will be adding one rr squad (sgt with meltabombs), Marbo/Khonan, and a missile launcher heavy weapon squad. 

I did meet some other local players and a potential player too.  James, who plays Orks and I think is in the league, Jim, who does Space Wolves with some nice looking thunderwolves and some good papercraft tanks but isn't in the league, and a young fella whose name I didn't catch who was interested in getting started. 


  1. Marbo is always fun, even when he scores an "Own Goal" when the demo charge scatters back.

    I like the roughriders and you never have too many missle launchers.


  2. Looked like a fun game love the terrain as well

  3. the owner actually still plays pokemon? is he a man-child? ha ha!!

  4. @KingWhomp - True, real men play with war-dollies!


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