Friday, October 12, 2012

Endless Ones: another CSM list idea

I was thinking about a list earlier that would have the advantage of incorporating the things I've actually already finished painting for the Endless Ones already, namely a Land Raider, a Defiler, and a Predator.  So there's going to be some AV.

Since I'm taking a Land Raider, may as well take some terminators to go with it.  I've had unpainted sorcerer figures for over a decade, so want to actually get to use at least one.  He should be mobile, so jump pack or bike, and should have an escort.  Since so much is already mobile now, more should be too, so CSM will probably want rides themselves.  


2000pts CSM Endless Ones

Sorcerer, level 3, jump pack, melta bombs, sigil of corruption, spell familiar

10xCultists, flamer

10xCSM, +ccw, 2xplasma guns, Rhino

10xCSM, +ccw, 2xplasma guns, Rhino

Might drop the rhinos and just add a few bodies and have them run up, but following the LR up the field the rhinos might be fairly safe.
5xTerminators - chainfist/combibolter, 2xpower maul/combi-melta, powerfist/heavy flamer, champion power axe/combibolter
     + dedicated transport Land Raider w/havoc launcher, dirge casters

Fast Attack
12xRaptors, 2xflamers, champion meltabombs, power sword

Escort for sorcerer and assault unit.  Might trade for 8 Warp Talons, which sounds better?
Heavy Support
7xHavocs, 2xautocannon, 2xML with flakk

Bastion with quad-gun

1998 total.  Easy drop to 1500 by removing termies/LR and cultists.


  1. It looks good to me.

    I don't really know how the warp talons work but the raptors will be able to shoot.

    What is the cultists role? objective sitter or manning the bastion? or do you plan to put the Havocs in the bastion?


  2. Warp Talons all have twin lightning claws and have a 5+ inv.

    Cultists and havocs will probably start in bastion; let the cultists man the gun with havocs inside to be able to shoot two flyers each turn if needed.


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