Thursday, September 13, 2012

Prepping for Chaos 6th

I had earlier decided that my long-serving Sons of Horus Chaos Marines would be repainted and rolled into the new Endless Ones and their associated forces.  So I've gone through the various boxes, set a few aside for now and piled the rest together along with some other secondhand figs that need stripping.  Here they are prior to dunking in the warpstorm, aka tub of Simple Green.

Two tubs, actually.  There are quite a lot of them.  Something like 85 figs plus a dreadnought.

Plus the vehicles, that wouldn't fit in the tubs. I'll brush off some details and then maybe respray them.

I also had a look at the daemons I had on hand.  The horrors and plaguebearers look OK for now.  The furies need some touch ups and wing gluing, and screamers need some basing.  The bloodletters need some more serious painting attention.  To start I'm going to try to save what I can and just try to add some shading.  Should that turn out poorly, they'll join their masters in the Simple Green later.

Just a preview of things to come! 


  1. Check out that great perfect hair metal band in the last picture.


  2. 1st SpaceSharks and now Chaos - you have some great 40K tastes sir!

  3. Ah i love the old bloodletters, they were so cool. not that the new ones aren't great but those old ones were the best.

  4. @Hive Angel - Rawk!

    @Dai - Thank yew!

    @Impcommander - Indeed. While I love Chaos, I never cared for any of the old daemons. The 3rd ed reimaginings were much more to my tastes. The newer throwback versions not so much.


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