Monday, September 24, 2012

Endless Ones: WIP Defiler and Predator

Some repaints on some secondhand Chaos Space Marine stuff for the Endless Ones. (background Part One, and Part Two)

Pretty much done, just need to seal them to keep the shiny!

Other view:

I still plan on getting the new CSM book, but I've been kind of disappointed with a lot of what I've been seeing, both model and rules-wise.  When I get the book I'll see how the Hell Hounds Word Bearers convert over, and how the Endless Ones and associated forces may end up looking. 


  1. I assume your Endless Ones are your own chapter right? The paint scheme is nice, the blue accents are great and not over powering at all. The first Defiler picture needs to have the Predator cropped out and a meme generated saying "Bring it".

    Nice work.

  2. Thanks Hive Angel. Yes, the Endless Ones are my own conglomeration of renegades and traitors, centering on a renegade SM chapter, formerly the Banishers who took their research into defending against Chaos too far. I'll add a link in the post for the background.

  3. Great start - scheme reminds me of the new Astral Claws or Storm Wardens.

  4. @Dai - true. Only so many schemes you can go with before you get to ugly complicated ones!

  5. Looking great. I have a Defiler I need to get to once I find some missing parts for an affordable price.

    Disappointed in what you're seeing? What aren't you liking (assuming it's not a novel worth of stuff)? From everything I've seen I'm excited, well minus one rumor but I haven't seen it confirmed yet. I'm referring to cult units as elites unless a proper HQ is taken to make them troops. That one bums me out as I love Plague Marines but also love Princes, who apparently don't unlock cult units.

  6. @Thor - what parts do you need? Email me, I might have some spares.

    As for disappointments, the models outside of the DV stuff really don't impress me so far. Rules wise, it's an incomplete picture so far so I'll reserve full judgement until I read the actual book, but for the most part it's really how CSM interact with 6th ed. Big gifts table - great idea, but with how challenges work unless you're fighting another CSM army you're unlikely to ever use it - if you're likely to win, the enemy will just decline the challenge and therefore deny you the roll too. If you're weaker, you'll die and never get to roll. I think it will be rare when you actually get to use it. 6th ed wound allocation and the various ways to snipe models out punishes icons, which unless they're really cheap will probably just be more wasted points. Hopefully they will at least make the icon bearer able to take LoSir rolls, but I doubt they will.


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