Sunday, September 2, 2012

Picture Dump: 40K League games

Game one setup vs. Landon's marines

Bunch of pics from my games today plus a few shots of others'.  

I got three games in for the last round of our 1250pt month.  In all three games things were pretty close for a while, and then my army collapsed.  Oh well.  Some things in the original army design just don't translate over well into 6th ed.  

- All the points spent on powerfists are pretty much wasted.  Rarely get to swing.  

- The biker captain is nice, but an up-front character like that can do a few things, but ultimately gives up a Slay the Warlord point to the enemy in many games.

- Multiple objective missions but with objectives usually placed in DZs instead of midfield like 5th ed Seize Ground leads to many games that play like old Capture and Control, but often with one side with an edge having more objectives in their DZ, compelling the enemy to try to come to them.  Despite being a very mobile army for marines, it's still not mobile enough to be able to take the fight effectively to the enemy while still holding home objectives.  A couple of sniper scout squads or something to babysit objectives  would be helpful.

- The bikers in general are a bit of a conundrum for me.  They are my real fast, hard-hitting unit, but one turn of bad rolls and they're in trouble - missing the target, missing the charge, missing a few saves more than average, etc.  Part of it's my fault for putting them in situations where they can take serious fire or get charged, but part of it is them having to be there as the only thing able to take out X threat.  

Game one bad guy setup.  Marines plus Coteaz blob.
Bikes move up with behind Rhino shield

Razorbacks are dakkapreds, mass of mageknight figs are heavily armed henchmen.

Rhino shield gets 'sploded, lots of fire into squad leaves two marines standing.
Bikes shift over, daring the enemy to come closer
Interlude - Necrons vs. Eldar setup
DE/Eldar vs. Chaos/IG

Forward Altaioc!
Back to the Sharks - popped open psyker squad rhino, whirlwind dispatched squad.  Enemy army dials in on bike squad.
...and wipes them out aside from the captain, who gets assaulted by attack bikes.  Termies arrive and do nothing, then get shot off the board themselves.

Captain temporarily free, unsure where he can best serve without getting immediately killed.
Rather than just let attack bikes hop to contest an objective, combat squad moves out, shoots and assaults them.  Nice plan, but last attack bike holds out longer than planned, keeping the squad from moving back in time.
Interlude - Necron vs. Eldar later in game

Game 2 vs. CSM/IG.  Sharks prep to move up and take out enemy bastion.
And here's pretty much where I lost the game.  Should have concentrated on wiping the DP and taking bastion later, but I wanted to see it pop.  Afterwards the DP rampaged through me.
Destroyed bastion and one squad inside, ran off other IG squad.
Tac squad took two wounds from the DP; fire from bikers probably could have finished him, plus assault with two characters as backup.  Live and learn.
Though the ML never shot at the Russes, it makes for a nice pic.
Game 3 vs. Eldar.  Bikers fail to kill wave serpent in shooting, but do so in assault. Tac squads move towards center to seize Relic.
Bikers take out Dire Avengers, Whirlwind does the best thing it's done all day/month/existence and pins the Eldrad/Harlie unit!
But it's a temporary reprieve.  Warwalkers, pathfinders and harlies tear the sharks apart.  Pic taken shortly before most of the marines pictured get removed.  No one gets Relic, Eldar win from two out of three secondary objectives.

Next week up to 1500pts and the end.  I don't know where I stand point wise in the leage at this point out of the still active players, if I'm last or just close to last out.  Torn between just going with original plan and bringing the knife to the gun fight with the assault squad, dread and speeder, or whether I should try to go out with a bang with allied IG with lots of autocannons, cheap scoring bodies and a manticore all sitting behind an Aegis line.  We shall see!


  1. Great pics all around, thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad to! Just wish more had turned out better.


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