Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Endless Ones: Chaos Land Raider repaint

Redone Chaos Marine Land Raider for my Endless Ones.
Here's how it was with its circa 2001 configuration with the Sons of Horus:
I knocked off most of the spikes and decorations and after a wipe down to take off dust, sprayed with a hammered steel spray.  
The blue is a transparent blue, which turns out very nicely over the silver, look forward to using more of that and more transparent colors on CSM armor.  Treads and other parts hit with transparent black/smoke, other details added.  
The bits of melted plastic and hardened glue that didn't come off easily were just painted over and attempted to incorporate as battle damage.  Other colors added, overbrush with a lighter silver, FW chaos renegade brass etch pieces added, wash to dirty it up a tad and shade some recesses more.  Last step gloss sealer to keep it shiny.
Other shots:

Thanks for looking!  Time permitting more CSM should keep on coming!


  1. It looks good. A lot more classy and less kitschy. Unfortunately my chaos land raider looks more like the older version of yours. With the release of the Dark Vengeance box, the pictures of the new chaos models and a new codex on the way, I foresee many Chaos space marine armies getting dusted off, touched up and back on the table.


  2. I like it very much. I second Scott's thoughts about this sort of thing becoming more common.

  3. Thanks folks! I think some Death Guard may be next.


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