Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finished Sharks and Orks

I polished off the Space Sharks landspeeder and assault squad, above.  The gloss varnish brushed on the decals prior to spraying did seem to help with the fuzzing issues I'd had before.
Thinking of naming the sarge "Edward" in tribute to his epic whomping of the Ork warboss William Waaagghace last weekend.

Also based and sealed the Ork walkers, below.

The yellowish light kind of washed out the color gradients on the walkers.  I tried cooling the colors down in editing, but hopefully you get the basic idea!

So the Space Sharks are done for now!  Come on Chaos!  I guess that I'll start stripping old figures and start on some things I'm pretty sure will be useful while we wait on the codex - basic CSM, tanks and whatnot.


  1. not a bad thing here. Those Assault marines look fierce and the orky kan's are super cool!

  2. Assault Marines look damned sexi and I like your speeder all the more so, mainly cos you've kitted it out the same way I have done my own Raven Guard Speeder! :)

    Yellow can be sorted by using daylight bulb instead of regular.

  3. Thanks folks!

    @Dai - I'll have to look into some daylight bulbs, thanks for the tip!


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